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US10003308 Apparatus and methods for power amplifier biasing
US10003309 Adaptive self-bias
US10003310 Segmented digital predistortion apparatus and methods
US10003311 Compact class-F chip and wire matching topology
US10003312 Amplifier with feedback circuit
US10003313 Amplifier
US10003314 Active device which has a high breakdown voltage, is memory-less, traps even harmonic signals and circuits used therewith
US10003315 Voltage sampler driver with enhanced high-frequency gain
US10003316 Device and method for filtering electromagnetic interference
US10003317 Tubular resonant filter and method of making a tubular resonant filter
US10003318 Circuit
US10003320 Resonator electrode shields
US10003321 Encoder having phase adjuster for offsetting phases of multi-phase input signal
US10003322 Temperature compensated digital step attenuator
US10003323 Impedance calibration circuit
US10003324 Fast FIR filtering technique for multirate filters
US10003325 System and method for providing an area efficient and design rule check (DRC) friendly power sequencer for digital circuits
US10003326 Ring oscillator
US10003327 Field device with enhanced noise resistance
US10003328 Hybrid pulse-width control circuit with process and offset calibration
US10003329 System, method and apparatus having improved pulse width modulation frequency resolution
US10003330 IGBT driver module and method therefor
US10003331 Semiconductor device including normally-off type transistors and normally-on type transistor connected series
US10003332 Drive control device and drive control method
US10003333 Method of manufacturing an enclosed proximity switch assembly
US10003334 Capacitative sensor system
US10003335 Data transmission device, and semiconductor device and system including the same
US10003336 Integrated driver and termination circuit
US10003337 Resonant virtual supply booster for synchronous logic circuits and other circuits with use of on-chip integrated magnetic inductor
US10003338 Programmable analog and digital input/output for power application
US10003339 General purpose interface circuit compatible with output of MIPI signals
US10003340 Multi-format driver interface
US10003341 Flexible input structure for arithmetic processing block
US10003342 Compressor circuit and compressor circuit layout
US10003343 Phase locked loop circuits
US10003344 Clock generator
US10003345 Clock and data recovery circuit using digital frequency detection
US10003346 Fractional PLLs with low correlation
US10003347 Method and system for asynchronous successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)
US10003348 Analog-to-digital converter with noise shaping
US10003349 Dynamic power switching in current-steering DACs
US10003350 Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter
US10003351 Semiconductor device including analog-to-digital conversion circuit
US10003352 High-precision analog-to-digital converter and DNL-based performance improvement method
US10003353 Time-based delay line analog comparator
US10003354 Digital media usage in response to impact data
US10003356 Devices and methods of source-encoding and decoding of data
US10003357 Systems and methods for verification of code resiliency for data storage
US10003358 Accelerated erasure coding system and method
US10003359 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
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