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US10003360 Device and method for finding error location
US10003361 Method and apparatus for controlling antennas in vehicle communication system
US10003362 Safe communication mode for a high speed link
US10003363 Data transfer apparatus
US10003364 Guided wave communication system with interference cancellation and methods for use therewith
US10003365 Methods and apparatus for mitigating known interference
US10003366 Low-power receiving using a scouting mode
US10003368 Methods and apparatus for reducing cellular telephone radiation exposure
US10003369 Portable, wearable radio
US10003370 Protective case for mobile device with displaced camera control
US10003371 Electronic device case comprising sliding camera lens covers
US10003372 Combination mobile phone case and electronic cigarette
US10003373 Method and apparatus for providing a selected one of coexisting transceiver modules access to switch modules
US10003374 Wireless radio frequency transceiver system for internet of things
US10003375 Radio frequency circuitry for carrier aggregation
US10003376 RF module
US10003377 Spread spectrum acoustic communication techniques
US10003378 Processing signals in a wireless communications environment
US10003379 Wireless communication with probing bandwidth
US10003380 Connecting element for connecting a first data cable to a second data cable and data line having the connecting element
US10003381 Low power modes for data transmission from a distribution point
US10003382 Communication between a vehicle and a ground terminal over a ground power line
US10003383 Power transmission system
US10003384 Docking station for a wireless energy and data connection
US10003385 Power transmission device, power transmission method, and power transmission system
US10003386 Method and apparatus for providing optimal transmission and reception beams in beamforming system
US10003387 Communications terminal, a network component, a method for transmitting a signal, and a method for providing feedback information to a communications terminal
US10003388 Method and apparatus for internal relative transceiver calibration
US10003389 MIMO communication method, and base station apparatus and terminal
US10003390 System and method for precoded Faster than Nyquist signaling
US10003391 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission in a communication system
US10003392 Method for generating channel state information for three-dimensional MIMO in wireless communication system, and device therefor
US10003393 Method and apparatus for antenna selection
US10003394 Wireless communications systems and methods
US10003395 Transmission terminal, transmission system, relay device selecting method, and recording medium
US10003396 Distributed broadband wireless implementation in premises electrical devices
US10003397 Dynamic wireless aerial mesh network
US10003398 Systems and methods to format and encode aviation data for improved transmittability
US10003399 Coherent power combining via wavefront multiplexing on deep space spacecraft
US10003400 Inter-satellite communication device, associated satellite and associated constellation of satellites
US10003403 OBI detection and avoidance in broadband devices
US10003404 Determining efficiency of an optical signal source in distributed communication systems
US10003405 Data over cable service interface specification (DOCSIS) over passive optical network (PON)
US10003406 Optical level control apparatus and optical reception apparatus
US10003407 Two-level coset coding scheme for gigabit Ethernet over plastic optical fiber
US10003408 Receiving method and receiver device for a coherent optical communication system
US10003409 Imaging cancellation in high-speed intensity modulation and direct detection system with dual single sideband modulation
US10003410 Optical receiver, optical termination device, and optical communication system
US10003412 Guided distributed interference management system utilizing positive co-channel interference detection, measurement and mitigation employing a communication network or an internet connection
US10003413 Network element, integrated circuit and method of determining connectivity from antenna elements to transceiver line-ups
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