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US10003471 Remote control method for multi-terminal device, and related apparatus and system
US10003472 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer-readable medium
US10003473 Probing available bandwidth along a network path
US10003474 Flow synchronization
US10003475 Communication management system, communication management method, and management apparatus
US10003476 De-congesting data centers with wireless point-to-multipoint flyways
US10003477 Methods and systems for channel estimation enhancement for multi-stream packets
US10003478 Wireless transmitting and receiving device and method
US10003479 Apparatus and method for un-delayed decision feedback with sample and hold at selected timing
US10003480 Asynchronous multicarrier communications
US10003481 FFE-aided CDR to calibrate phase offset and enhance gain in baud rate sampling phase detector
US10003482 Receiver architecture having full-band capture and narrow-band paths
US10003483 Biologically inspired methods and systems for automatically determining the modulation types of radio signals using stacked de-noising autoencoders
US10003484 High-speed signaling systems with adaptable pre-emphasis and equalization
US10003485 Systems of synchronizing lighting effect control signals and patterns for controlling interactive lighting effect devices
US10003486 Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) wireless systems and methods
US10003488 Method and electronic apparatus for automatically detecting bandwidth and packet type of packet
US10003489 Communication device using a spectral shaped low peak-to-average power discrete Fourier transform waveform
US10003490 Communication system, transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, and digital transmission method
US10003491 Transmission method compatible with higher order modulation and lower order modulation, and apparatus
US10003492 Systems and methods for managing data related to network elements from multiple sources
US10003493 Monitoring device for distributed antenna system
US10003494 Per-prefix LFA FRR with bit indexed explicit replication
US10003495 Discovery protocol for enabling automatic bootstrap and communication with a service appliance connected to a network switch
US10003496 Network change management
US10003497 System for utility usage triggering action
US10003498 Efficient management of network configuration-dependent network functionality
US10003499 Client-configured server class tracing to a configurable threshold
US10003500 Systems and methods for resource sharing between two resource allocation systems
US10003501 Self-identifying cable assignment
US10003502 Integrated wireless sensor network (WSN) and massively parallel processing database management system (MPP DBMS)
US10003503 Tunnel type selection method and apparatus
US10003504 Management device
US10003506 Automatic discovery and enforcement of service level agreement settings
US10003507 Transport session state protocol
US10003508 Event-based system, method, and computer program for intervening in a network service
US10003509 Packet tracing
US10003510 Generating an adjacency graph from a series of linear linked data structures
US10003511 Mitigating reflection-based network attacks
US10003512 Wireless communication method supporting reverse report and related wireless communication system
US10003513 Method, base station, and user equipment for determining channel loss
US10003514 Method and system for determining a deployment of applications
US10003515 Network visibility monitoring
US10003516 Method and apparatus for processing messages
US10003517 Wireless communication test system arrangement
US10003518 Span session monitoring
US10003519 Data delivery method based on software defined networking and software defined networking controller using the method
US10003520 System and method for efficient name-based content routing using link-state information in information-centric networks
US10003521 Fibre channel N_port virtualization gateway with shortcut path logic
US10003522 Routing with flow over shared risk link groups
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