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US10003523 Link cost determination for network links
US10003524 Routing loop determining method and device
US10003525 Methods and apparatus to provide redundancy in a process control system
US10003526 Methods and apparatus for efficient use of link aggregation groups
US10003527 Devices and methods to assist with network cabling
US10003528 Scalable framework for managing switch link failovers in a switch fabric network
US10003529 Method and system for memory allocation in a software-defined networking (SDN) system
US10003530 Service chain header and metadata transport
US10003531 Method for establishing tunnel, method for allocating label, device and network system
US10003532 Communication method and communication apparatus
US10003533 SDN packet forwarding
US10003534 Multiple active L3 gateways for logical networks
US10003535 Bulk data transport in a network
US10003536 System and method for managing bandwidth usage rates in a packet-switched network
US10003537 Egress port overload protection for network packet forwarding systems
US10003538 Proactive load balancing based on fractal analysis
US10003539 Path discovery in multipath networks
US10003540 Flow forwarding method, device, and system
US10003541 Flow state aware management of QoS with a distributed classifier
US10003542 Data streaming scheduler for dual chipset architectures that includes a high performance chipset and a low performance chipset
US10003543 Communication device, communication system, and communication method
US10003544 Method and apparatus for priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network
US10003545 Mobile phone application for diabetes care with medical feature activation
US10003546 Bandwidth override
US10003547 Monitoring computer process resource usage
US10003548 Data transmission method using multiple wireless networks
US10003549 System for allocating sensor network resources
US10003550 Smart autoscaling of a cluster for processing a work queue in a distributed system
US10003551 Packet memory system, method and device for preventing underrun
US10003552 Distributed bidirectional forwarding detection protocol (D-BFD) for cluster of interconnected switches
US10003553 Optimization of multi-stage hierarchical networks for practical routing applications
US10003554 Assisted sideband traffic management
US10003555 Power management of routing tables using vertical scaling
US10003557 Preserving collaboration history with relevant contextual information
US10003558 Electronic mail attachment hold and dispatch for security monitoring
US10003559 Aggregating redundant messages in a group chat
US10003561 Conversation modification for enhanced user interaction
US10003562 Electronic mail-based vehicle crew messaging
US10003563 Integrated telephone applications on online social networks
US10003564 Social networking media system and application
US10003565 Use of DNS information as trigger for dynamic IPV4 address allocation
US10003566 Method and apparatus for assigning a logical address in a communication system
US10003567 Systems and methods for providing DNS services
US10003568 Dynamically assigning network addresses
US10003569 Network resource sharing for routing and forwarding information
US10003570 Method and device for informing user address
US10003571 Method and apparatus for implementing communication between virtual machines
US10003572 Information processing apparatus and recording medium
US10003573 Behavior-based filters for signaling system number 7 networks
US10003574 Probabilistic duplicate detection
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