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US10003575 Network management system
US10003576 Rule-based routing to resources through a network
US10003577 Secure transmission of local private encoding data
US10003578 Anonymous sharing of microblog publication
US10003579 Method for making friends anonymously under instant messaging communications in order to protect a real personal identity
US10003580 System and method for controlling features on a device
US10003581 Secure connection establishment
US10003582 Technologies for synchronizing and restoring reference templates
US10003583 Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
US10003584 Durable key management
US10003585 Systems, devices, and methods for preventing unauthorized access to storage devices
US10003586 Method and device for generating a secret key
US10003587 Authority transfer system, method, and authentication server system by determining whether endpoints are in same or in different web domain
US10003588 Network authentication system, network authentication method and network authentication server
US10003589 Authentication and/or identification method in a communication network
US10003590 Methods and systems for linking untrusted applications to server systems
US10003591 Secure permissioning of access to user accounts, including secure deauthorization of access to user accounts
US10003592 Active directory for user authentication in a historization system
US10003593 Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and authentication system
US10003594 Bank speech authentication
US10003595 System and method for one time password authentication
US10003596 Device and method of setting or removing security on content
US10003597 Managing hardware reboot and reset in shared environments
US10003598 Model framework and system for cyber security services
US10003599 Method and terminal device for kid mode
US10003600 Identity proxy to provide access control and single sign on
US10003601 Security management application providing proxy for administrative privileges
US10003602 Determining email authenticity
US10003603 Computer security based on hierarchical cache latency signature authentication
US10003604 Authenticated communication between security devices
US10003605 Detection of clustering in graphs in network security analysis
US10003606 Systems and methods for detecting security threats
US10003607 Automated detection of session-based access anomalies in a computer network through processing of session data
US10003608 Automated insider threat prevention
US10003610 System for tracking data security threats and method for same
US10003611 Systems and methods for protecting an online service against a network-based attack
US10003612 Protection for computing systems from revoked system updates
US10003613 Security inspection of massive virtual hosts for immutable infrastructure and infrastructure as code
US10003614 Method, device, and storage medium for deep packet inspection control
US10003615 User-based network onboarding
US10003616 Destination domain extraction for secure protocols
US10003617 Terminal and application synchronization method thereof
US10003618 Device and method for providing mobile Internet call service
US10003619 Session initiation handling
US10003620 Collaborative analytics with edge devices
US10003621 Multimedia routing system for securing third party participation in call consultation or call transfer of a call in progress
US10003622 Establishing communication sessions
US10003623 Method for transferring control of a conference call
US10003624 Realtime communications and network browsing client
US10003625 Portable group communication device and method of use
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