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US10003626 Adaptive real-time transcoding method and streaming server therefor
US10003627 Method, device and system for managing audio, video and data communications
US10003629 Method and system for using JSON with a CLI for managing network devices
US10003630 Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing static uniform resource locator access
US10003631 Modifying user experiences
US10003632 User terminal apparatus, server apparatus and methods of providing, by the user terminal apparatus and the server apparatus, continuous play service
US10003633 Method and device for resuming file download
US10003634 Multi-threaded download with asynchronous writing
US10003635 System and method for tracking event occurrences between applications
US10003636 Multi-node data store management
US10003637 Method, mobile terminal and system for displaying picture based on wireless network, and storage medium
US10003639 Delivery of instructions in host application
US10003640 Virtual world subgroup determination and segmentation for performance scalability
US10003641 Method and system of session-aware load balancing
US10003642 Operating a cluster of peer-to-peer devices
US10003643 Communications method in a communications system
US10003644 Peer-to-peer live streaming
US10003645 Method and apparatus for logical mirroring to a multi-tier target node
US10003647 Flexible remote data mirroring
US10003648 Mechanism for universal parallel information access
US10003649 Systems and methods to improve read/write performance in object storage applications
US10003650 System and method of implementing an object storage infrastructure for cloud-based services
US10003651 Maritime communication system and method
US10003652 Managing selective access of a user equipment to internet-based services based on transport type
US10003653 Wireless interface module for chemical dispensing system
US10003654 Universal internet of things (IoT) smart translator
US10003655 Provisioning network devices based on network connectivity type
US10003656 System and method for sharing data/objects between electronic devices via IMS infrastructure
US10003657 Data transmission processing method and apparatus
US10003658 Method and apparatus for enablement of location data sources during emergency positioning session
US10003659 Efficient group communications leveraging LTE-D discovery for application layer contextual communication
US10003660 System and method for data plane signaled packet capture in a service function chaining network
US10003661 System and method for service discovery in a large network
US10003662 Adaptable broker for location based second degree social networking
US10003663 Inmate network priming
US10003664 Methods and systems for processing a sample of a media stream
US10003665 Method and apparatus for providing selection and prioritization of sensor data
US10003666 Key resource prefetching using front-end optimization (FEO) configuration
US10003667 Profile and consent accrual
US10003668 Data transfer for a telecommunication device
US10003669 Methods and apparatus to create and transmit a condensed logging data file
US10003670 Remote provisioning and enrollment of enterprise devices with on-premises domain controllers
US10003671 Capturing and replaying application sessions using resource files
US10003672 Apparatus, systems and methods for deployment of interactive desktop applications on distributed infrastructures
US10003674 Method for supporting websocket and web server and web application server using the same
US10003675 Packet processor receiving packets containing instructions, data, and starting location and generating packets containing instructions and data
US10003676 Method and apparatus for generating parallel lookup requests utilizing a super key
US10003677 Network application verification at a network processor
US10003678 Apparatus for processing at least one PDU (protocol data unit) in a broadcast system, method for processing at least one PDU (protocol data unit) in a broadcast system
US10003679 Housing, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device including the housing
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