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US10003680 Mobile terminal comprising a display rotable about a casing
US10003681 Cellphone shell with extending handle for image capture control
US10003682 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US10003683 Method for communication between users and smart appliances
US10003684 Method and system for synchronous operations of text message data
US10003685 Systems and methods for detecting and controlling transmission devices
US10003686 System for remotely controlling access to a mobile device
US10003687 Presence-based device mode modification
US10003688 Systems and methods for cluster-based voice verification
US10003689 Communicating availability of a mobile device
US10003691 On-demand generation of a contact center
US10003692 System initiated dialog adjustment
US10003693 System and method for a work distribution service
US10003694 Threshold activated teleconferencing
US10003695 Data communication
US10003696 Distributed collaborative offline charging system
US10003697 Selective targeting for sponsored data services
US10003698 Method and system for financing of inmate mobile devices
US10003699 Optimizing a ringtone for audibility
US10003700 Abnormality management system of image forming apparatus
US10003701 Systems and methods for generating and communicating enhanced portable document format files
US10003702 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
US10003703 Data processing apparatus and print system
US10003704 Arm rotating device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
US10003705 Display processing device and image forming apparatus
US10003706 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium to shift power states
US10003707 Image processing apparatus and recording medium
US10003708 Image processing device and image forming apparatus that generates a line synchronization signal based on a modulation clock and with a variable line cycle
US10003709 Image processing apparatus and program
US10003710 Electronic device, information processing system and storage medium
US10003711 Light irradiation device, image reading device, and image forming apparatus
US10003712 Illuminating device, image reading apparatus including the illuminating device, and image forming apparatus including the image reading apparatus
US10003713 Image forming method and image forming apparatus comprising a scanner section and a light reflection area determination section
US10003714 Image forming apparatus, control method, and non-transitory recording medium which adjusts timing of print enable signal according to atmospheric pressure
US10003715 Image pickup device and imaging apparatus
US10003716 Generation of a digest video
US10003717 Document processing device and communication control method considering operation information
US10003718 Scanning device with overhead reflecting mirror
US10003719 Color halftone processing with mapping color values to NPac values
US10003720 Image processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium
US10003721 Image processing method and image processing device for gray output signal
US10003722 Method and system for mimicking human camera operation
US10003723 Camera module including lens module actuator
US10003725 Methods and apparatus for optical fiber imaging
US10003726 Illumination module for near eye-to-eye display system
US10003727 Camera module capable of emitting a uniform light
US10003729 Transmitting settings in a digital imaging system
US10003730 Method and device for sharing a camera feature
US10003731 Image element, and imaging device and imaging method using the same for achieving improved image quality regardless of an incident angle of light
US10003732 Depth of field processing
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