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US10003733 Peaking headroom for flat panel displays
US10003734 Image capturing apparatus and control method of image sensor
US10003735 Calculation device and image pickup device using calculation device and calculation method
US10003736 Image pickup device
US10003737 Video processing device, video processing method, and video processing program
US10003738 Methods and apparatus for detecting and/or indicating a blocked sensor or camera module
US10003739 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
US10003740 Increasing spatial resolution of panoramic video captured by a camera array
US10003743 Method, apparatus and computer program product for image refocusing for light-field images
US10003744 Solid-state image pickup element, image pickup module and electronic equipment
US10003745 Imaging apparatus, imaging method and program, and reproduction apparatus
US10003746 Optical unit with shake correction function
US10003747 Imaging apparatus
US10003748 Method and device for processing high-frequency movements in an optronic system
US10003749 Apparatus and method for cloaked outdoor electronic signage
US10003751 Multiple field of view dual band optics with integrated calibration source
US10003752 Imaging system and imaging method for imaging a sample in a medium carried in a container as an imaging object
US10003753 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
US10003754 Full field visual-mid-infrared imaging system
US10003755 Imaging system for vehicle
US10003756 Combination video and optical sight
US10003757 Method and apparatus for de-noising data from a distance sensing camera
US10003758 Defective pixel value correction for digital raw image frames
US10003759 Vertically stacked image sensor
US10003760 Image sensor
US10003761 Imaging device having multiple analog-digital conversion circuits that perform multiple ad conversions for a singular one of a pixel signal
US10003762 Shared image devices
US10003763 Display device, user terminal apparatus and control method thereof
US10003764 Display of video subtitles
US10003765 System and method for brightening video image regions to compensate for backlighting
US10003766 Camera device with a dynamic touch screen shutter
US10003767 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
US10003768 Apparatus and methods for frame interpolation based on spatial considerations
US10003769 Video telephony system, image display apparatus, driving method of image display apparatus, method for generating realistic image, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
US10003770 Method for multi-picture control in video conference, related device, and storage medium
US10003771 Biological imaging device and biological imaging method
US10003772 Vehicular image control apparatus
US10003773 Shock sensing device for vehicle and method for controlling thereof
US10003774 Image processing device and method for operating endoscope system
US10003775 Luminescent wheel, light source unit having luminescent wheel device including same luminescent wheel, and projector
US10003776 Efficient, dynamic, high contrast lensing with applications to imaging, illumination and projection
US10003777 Projection screen for specularly reflecting light
US10003778 Systems and methods for augmenting a viewing environment of users
US10003779 Multi-area white-balance control device, multi-area white-balance control method, multi-area white-balance control program, computer in which multi-area white-balance control program is recorded, multi-area white-balance image-processing device, multi-area white-balance image-processing method, multi-area white-balance image-processing program, computer in which multi-area white-balance image-processing program is recorded, and image-capture apparatus
US10003780 Method and system for recording recommended content within a user device and indicating recording capacity
US10003782 Image processing device, method, computer-readable medium and 3D image display
US10003783 Apparatus for generating a three-dimensional color image and a method for producing a three-dimensional color image
US10003784 Stereo image matching apparatus and method requiring small calculation
US10003785 Method and apparatus for generating images
US10003786 Method and system of 3D image capture with dynamic cameras
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