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US10003787 Method, system and apparatus for refining a depth map
US10003788 3D image frame display system and its method
US10003789 Practical two-frame 3D+2D TV
US10003790 Method of adapting 3D content to an observer wearing prescription glasses
US10003791 Illumination apparatus and field-of-view calibration method thereof
US10003792 Video encoder for images
US10003793 Processing of pulse code modulation (PCM) parameters
US10003794 Terminable spatial tree-based position coding and decoding
US10003795 Method for encoding an intra prediction mode
US10003796 Method, system and apparatus for intra-prediction in a video signal processing
US10003797 Systems and methods for applying multiple encodings to video portions
US10003798 Method and apparatus for reduction of deblocking filter
US10003799 Quality driven video re-encoding
US10003800 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
US10003801 Image capturing apparatus that encodes and method of controlling the same
US10003802 Motion-based adaptive quantization
US10003804 Video coding device using quantizing an orthogonal transform coefficient
US10003805 Video encoding and decoding method accompanied with filtering, and device thereof
US10003806 Optimized plenoptic image encoding
US10003807 Block-based video coding using a mixture of square and rectangular blocks
US10003808 Apparatus and method for encoding
US10003809 Method and device for tone-mapping a high dynamic range image
US10003810 Method and apparatus of scalable video coding
US10003811 Parallel processing of a video frame
US10003812 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
US10003813 Method and system for decoding by enabling optimal picture buffer management
US10003814 Image processor, display image processing method and associated electronic device
US10003815 Hypothetical reference decoder model and conformance for cross-layer random access skipped pictures
US10003816 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
US10003817 Signaling of state information for a decoded picture buffer and reference picture lists
US10003818 Video coding system with intra prediction mechanism and method of operation thereof
US10003819 Depth map encoding method and apparatus thereof, and depth map decoding method and apparatus thereof
US10003821 Image encoding apparatus and method of controlling same
US10003822 Error-resilient coder of image sequences and video
US10003823 Video decoder and video encoder using storage sharing technique for performing decoding and encoding functions complying with different video coding standards and associated shared storage device
US10003824 Reducing latency in video encoding and decoding
US10003826 Method of reducing noise of video signal
US10003829 Control module unit for services systems for a vehicle
US10003830 Controller to manage streaming video of playback devices
US10003831 Scheme for determining the locations and timing of advertisements and other insertions in media
US10003832 Selecting and providing of supplemental content for video transport stream
US10003833 System and method for recognition of items in media data and delivery of information related thereto
US10003834 Enhanced trick mode to enable presentation of information related to content being streamed
US10003835 Device control in backup media-broadcast system
US10003836 Systems and methods for improving accuracy in media asset recommendation models based on users' levels of enjoyment with respect to media assets
US10003837 Television programming distribution network with integrated data gathering, modeling, forecasting, delivery, and measurement
US10003838 Client-side scout and companion in a real-time bidding advertisement system
US10003839 Dynamic application loader for set top box
US10003840 System and method for providing watch-now functionality in a media content environment
US10003841 News production system with dynamic character generator output
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