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US10003842 Auto video preview within a digital magazine
US10003844 Automated retrieval of social media tags
US10003845 Remote controller, control method thereof and image processing apparatus having the same
US10003846 Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to provide secondary content in association with primary broadcast media content
US10003847 Watch-time clustering for improving video searches, selection and provision
US10003848 Interactive program guide system providing an application program interface for non-program guide applications
US10003849 Personalized video on demand channels
US10003851 Managed multiplexing of video in an adaptive bit rate environment
US10003852 Methods and apparatus for enabling synchronized content presentations using dynamically updated playlists
US10003853 System and methods for verifying and displaying a video segment via an online platform
US10003854 Method and system for content recording and indexing
US10003855 Set-top box user interface for internet of things devices
US10003856 Method and system of carrying content from a content server to a plurality of eNodeB'S over an LTE network
US10003857 Method and system for inserting a local television content and a regional advertisement under centralized control
US10003858 Provisioning commercial-free media content
US10003859 Distribution device and distribution method
US10003860 Method and apparatus related to variable duration media segments
US10003861 Auto-summarizing video content system and method
US10003862 Wireless sensor reader
US10003863 Electrical activity sensor device for detecting electrical activity and electrical activity monitoring apparatus
US10003864 Device for transmitting and receiving a sensor signal
US10003866 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving client signal
US10003867 Disjoint path computation systems and methods in optical networks
US10003869 Perforated phase alignment tweeter screen
US10003870 Loudspeaker module emitting sound at lateral side
US10003871 Audio transmitting table
US10003872 Speaker arrangement
US10003873 Speaker and shower
US10003874 Microphone package structure
US10003875 Phantom power supply device
US10003876 Planar magnetic headphones
US10003877 Contact hearing system with wearable communication apparatus
US10003878 In-the-ear earphone, its variations and methods of wearing the earphone
US10003879 Earphone with expanding speaker device
US10003882 Fitting system for physiological sensors
US10003883 Sealed speaker system having a pressure vent
US10003884 Microphone apparatus
US10003885 Use of an earpiece acoustic opening as a microphone port for beamforming applications
US10003886 Systems and methods for adaptive noise management
US10003887 Miniature sound generator
US10003888 Transducer with piezoelectric, conductive and dielectric membrane
US10003889 System and method for a multi-electrode MEMS device
US10003890 MEMS microphone
US10003891 Power management system for a hearing aid
US10003892 Systems and methods for altering the input dynamic range of an auditory device
US10003893 Method for operating a binaural hearing system and binaural hearing system
US10003894 Hearing prosthesis with accessory detection
US10003895 Selective environmental classification synchronization
US10003896 Method of exchanging data packages of different sizes between first and second portable communication devices
US10003897 Hearing device interface
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