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US10003898 Flexible connection bone conduction device
US10003899 Calibration with particular locations
US10003900 Method of rendering one or more captured audio soundfields to a listener
US10003901 Graphical monitor mixing system that uses a stage plot to create spatially accurate sound
US10003902 Signal mixing architecture with extended single-axis spatialization control for more than two outputs, summing nodes, or destinations
US10003903 Methods for determining relative locations of wireless loudspeakers
US10003904 Method and device for processing binaural audio signal generating additional stimulation
US10003905 Personalized end user head-related transfer function (HRTV) finite impulse response (FIR) filter
US10003906 Determining and using room-optimized transfer functions
US10003907 Processing spatially diffuse or large audio objects
US10003908 Method and system for allocating device object identifier (OID) in open machine-to-machine (M2M) system and application system applying the same
US10003909 Wireless backhaul management of sensor networks via programmable RAN controller
US10003910 Data communication system for agricultural machine
US10003911 Electronic device with a curved depression for engaging with a protrusion of another electronic device to provide data transfer therebetween
US10003913 System and method for device positioning with bluetooth low energy distributions
US10003914 Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
US10003916 Method and system for determining a means of communication between mobile electronic devices
US10003917 Terminal positioning method and system, target terminal and positioning server
US10003919 Intelligent geo-fencing
US10003920 Notifications based on device presence
US10003921 Method and apparatus for searching for proximity service so as to provide proximity service
US10003922 Location-based place determination using online social networks
US10003923 Location context inference based on user mobile data with uncertainty
US10003924 Method of and server for processing wireless device sensor data to generate an entity vector associated with a physical location
US10003925 Low-power device positioning method using position updates calculated by low power processor
US10003926 Predicting human movement behaviors using location services model
US10003927 Activity recognition systems and methods
US10003928 Crowd-sourced passive positioning and calibration
US10003929 Location based assisting apparatuses, methods and computer readable mediums
US10003930 Method, apparatus and system for processing trunked service attribute
US10003931 Method for retrieval of unrecalled information from digital advertisement
US10003932 Participation request messaging to members of a conversation group
US10003933 Method and apparatus for synchronizing mobile station media flows during a collaborative session
US10003934 Graphical mobile E-mail
US10003935 System and method for optimizing push services in cloud based mobile networks using a software API driven approach
US10003936 Graphical messaging software application and features thereof
US10003937 Text messaging to and from cable services system devices
US10003938 Easy location sharing
US10003939 Method of providing DTMF-based interactive text response services
US10003940 Call forwarding and routing back to phone after contact list update
US10003941 Electronic device and its wireless network connection method
US10003942 Automatic friend connection within a social network
US10003943 Classified relation networking optimization platform in open wireless architecture (OWA) mobile cloud terminal device
US10003944 Electronic device and method for providing emergency video call service
US10003945 Systems and methods for real time detection and reporting of personal emergencies
US10003946 Enhanced spatial index for point in polygon operations
US10003947 Hybrid network based metering server and tracking client for wireless services
US10003948 System and method for provisioning user computing devices based on sensor and state information
US10003949 Communication apparatus capable of communicating with external apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and recording medium
US10003950 ID kits for personal automation, and charging units therefor
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