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US10003951 Automated mobile device onboard camera recording
US10003952 Device to-device (D2D) discovery
US10003954 Method and apparatus for distributive mobility management
US10003955 Wireless device determination that conditions are fullfilled prior to utilizing mobility history list
US10003956 Method for performing a remote management of a multi-subscription SIM module
US10003957 Method and apparatus for supporting location privacy protection in wireless access system supporting small cell environment
US10003958 System and method of peer-to-peer, paired, and synchronized nodes
US10003959 Subscriber identity module (SIM) access profile (SAP)
US10003960 Systems and methods for restricting a mobile communication device
US10003961 Wireless communication system and wireless terminal device
US10003962 Method and terminal for keeping subscriber identity module card in standby state
US10003963 Mobile communications method and system for signalling information relating to network's capabilities
US10003964 Method for sending secret messages between mobile devices
US10003965 Subscriber profile transfer method, subscriber profile transfer system, and user equipment
US10003966 Key configuration method and apparatus
US10003967 Bearer release
US10003968 Apparatus and system effectively using a plurality of authentication servers
US10003969 Communication between mobile devices and mobile wallet architectures
US10003970 Coordinator and device in a radio communication network
US10003971 Compartmentalized multi-factor authentication for mobile devices
US10003973 Aircraft wireless network for fixed aircraft components
US10003974 Electronic subscriber identity module management under multiple certificate authorities
US10003975 Authorized areas of authentication
US10003976 Resource selection method and apparatus
US10003977 Implementing a live distributed antenna system (DAS) configuration from a virtual DAS design using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specific software system in a DAS
US10003978 Mobile communication system, radio base station, radio mobile station and mobile communication method
US10003979 Method for generating signal for reducing interference in user-centralized virtual cell in cloud wireless connection network environment, and apparatus therefor
US10003980 Neighbour relations management
US10003981 Methods and apparatus for partitioning wireless network cells into time-based clusters
US10003982 Method and apparatus for telemetry system data rate optimization
US10003983 Integrated circuit for spreading response signal
US10003984 Method, system, mobile terminal and computer program product
US10003986 Device, network, and method for communications with variable-duration reference signals
US10003987 Method for transmitting data to a wireless device in a communications network which applies a combined cell deployment
US10003988 Detecting apparatus and method for determining air interface resources consumed by service
US10003989 Measuring device, measuring system and measuring method for over the air power measurement and indication
US10003990 Communication device and method for transmitting data in accordance with a retransmission protocol
US10003991 Method, device, system and storage medium for reducing measurement signalling in LTE network
US10003992 Macro cell assisted small cell discovery and resource activation
US10003993 Subscriber handling in radio telecommunication networks
US10003995 Method and apparatus for controlling congestion status of mobile communication network
US10003996 Granular network access control and methods thereof
US10003997 Reducing interference in multi-radio communication device
US10003998 Systems and methods for reduced overhead in wireless communication systems
US10003999 HTTP-based buffer status updating method and device, and buffer status processor
US10004000 Broadcast control bandwidth allocation and data transceiving method and apparatus
US10004001 User equipment, base station, and streaming media adaptive transmission system and method
US10004002 Method for D2D radiocommunication
US10004003 Internetworking for circuit switched fallback-network initiated USSD request/notification procedure mobile-terminated location request procedure provide subscriber information procedure
US10004004 Telecommunication equipment measuring pre-establishment service interruptions
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