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US10004005 Fast reselection from a current cell to a higher-priority cell in wireless communication
US10004006 Secondary base station bearer change
US10004007 Method, system and device for location update in networks
US10004008 Hybrid management of handovers in a self organizing network (SON)
US10004009 Device and method of handling a handover
US10004010 User equipment selection for detecting physical cell identifier confusion
US10004011 Mobility state enhancements
US10004012 Special handling of low priority cells
US10004013 Base station, terminal, and handover method
US10004014 Wireless communication device as context forwarding entity
US10004015 Communications system
US10004016 MME reselection method and MME
US10004017 Switching method and switching system between heterogeneous networks
US10004018 Method and communications apparatus for performing a cell reselection process
US10004019 RAN for multimedia delivery
US10004020 Communication apparatus, method of controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US10004021 System and method for providing services to a user equipment in an inter-national location
US10004022 Handover signaling using an MBSFN channel in a cellular communication system
US10004024 Method and apparatus for varied-host shared vehicular remote connectivity
US10004027 Access control method and apparatus
US10004028 Paired smart device theft deterrent
US10004029 Mobile station, base station, restriction control method, and broadcast information transmission method
US10004030 Device, network, and method for network adaptation and utilizing a downlink discovery reference signal
US10004031 Method for sensing channel dynamically in wireless LAN system and apparatus therefor
US10004032 Resource partitioning in millimeter wave networks
US10004033 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for hop count usage in cluster selection
US10004034 Network selection mechanisms
US10004035 Method of managing data transmission for wireless system
US10004036 Managing power consumption in tree-based TDMA multi-hop wireless networks
US10004037 Coding-aware scheme to minimize energy consumption and time cost
US10004038 Method of bypassing data and mobile device using the same
US10004039 Method and device for detecting interference scenario
US10004041 Communication apparatus performing communication operation based on a detected temperature, control method thereof and storage medium
US10004042 Location information transmission apparatus
US10004043 Method for controlling electric power in wireless communication system supporting change in purpose of wireless resource and apparatus therefor
US10004044 Communication control apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
US10004045 Transmission power managing method of heterogeneous network system
US10004046 Power control method and user equipment in device to device communication in serving cell
US10004047 Method for performing power control for uplink transmission and user equipment
US10004048 Transmission power control methods and devices
US10004049 Controller for managing base station in heterogeneous network environment and managing method of the controller, and base station managing system
US10004050 Method and apparatus for synchronizing and propagating state information in wireless downlink/uplink
US10004051 Apparatus and method for controlling traffic of electronic device
US10004052 Apparatus and method for estimating Doppler shift in underwater communication
US10004053 Apparatuses and methods for physical broadcast channel (PBCH) assisted synchronization during a discontinuous reception (DRX) operation
US10004054 Method of making mobile originated calls using user equipment in IOPS dual PLMN mode of operation
US10004055 Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network
US10004056 Requesting a location of a user
US10004057 Method for performing OTDOA-related operation in wireless communication system
US10004058 Reducing the effects of interference experienced by a communication device
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