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US10004059 Service advertisement message transmission method and device
US10004060 Scheduling systems and methods for wireless networks
US10004061 Information processing device and information processing method
US10004062 Method and device for transmitting response information, and resource allocation for response information transmission according to transmission conditions in a wireless communication system
US10004063 PDSCH transmission method and apparatus
US10004064 Method for direct device-to-device communication of terminal in idle mode using similar random access procedures, and device therefor
US10004066 Method and apparatus for efficient usage of transmission resources in wireless communication systems
US10004067 Transmission and reception of reference signals in wireless networks
US10004068 Method, device and system for uplink resource allocation
US10004069 Wireless Terminal
US10004070 Method and system for sharing frequency spectrum between GSM system and LTE system
US10004071 Wireless radio communication system for consumption meters
US10004072 Wireless device for improving operating efficiency
US10004074 Transmission coordination within multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
US10004075 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and communication system
US10004076 Selecting wireless communication channels based on signal quality metrics
US10004077 Method and apparatus for beam switching in mobile communication network
US10004078 Network node, wireless device and methods therein for controlling a radio communication using carrier aggregation
US10004079 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for wireless short-range communication channel selection
US10004080 Channel quality measurements for downlink resource allocation
US10004081 Systems and methods for providing resource signaling within a wireless local area network (WLAN)
US10004082 System and method for dynamic channel allocation
US10004083 Method for controlling base station in multi-rat environment and transmitting/receiving data according to control of base station, and apparatus for performing same
US10004084 Methods and apparatuses for coordinating resource scheduling between wireless networks
US10004085 Scheduling for heterogeneous networks
US10004086 Method and apparatus for reporting buffer status for device to device communication in a wireless communication system
US10004087 System and method for decoding data carried on colliding channels
US10004088 Method for signalling random access channels
US10004089 Method and apparatus for controlling random access opportunity in mobile communication system
US10004091 Communication apparatus, control method, and storage medium
US10004092 Network-controlled terminal-to-terminal direct communication in wireless telecommunication network
US10004093 PTP interaction association system supporting connection between audio electronic product and internet
US10004094 Authentication and pairing of devices using a machine readable code
US10004095 Method and apparatus for communicating using multiple frequency bands
US10004096 Apparatus, system, and method of wirelessly transmitting and receiving data
US10004097 Reestablishment of a network connection with an end device node methods and apparatuses
US10004098 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data using a plurality of carriers in mobile communication system
US10004099 Efficient discontinuous reception in a mobile network
US10004100 Mobile communication system, user terminal, and processor
US10004102 Automatic configuration of a wireless distribution system extended network
US10004103 Communications system
US10004104 Mobile communication system, base station, user terminal, and processor
US10004105 Method for network self-healing in cluster-tree structured wireless communication networks
US10004106 Continuous packet connectivity (CPC) with dedicated channel (DCH) enhancements
US10004107 Discontinuous reception alignment in dual connectivity networks
US10004108 Managing bandwidth availability in a mobile telecommunications network
US10004109 Method and apparatus for recovering data unit in wireless communication system
US10004110 Method and system for communication system interoperability
US10004111 In-vehicle radiant heater control apparatus
US10004112 Machine learning apparatus and coil electric heating apparatus
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