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US10000357 Passive tensioning system for composite material payout control
US10000358 Rapid deployment frac water transfer system
US10000359 Collapsible cord spool
US10000360 Resizable cord holder for storing and unwinding cord bundles
US10000361 Hose winding device
US10000362 Elevator control device
US10000363 Pipe flange lifting apparatus
US10000364 Vehicle with winch
US10000365 Pulley for high-efficiency winch
US10000366 Brake torque control
US10000367 Method for operating a lift system
US10000368 Hoist system for retrofitting small scissor lift to access enclosed areas in building structure
US10000369 Beverage bottle closing machine being configured and disposed to close tops of filled beverage bottles with screw-type and other caps
US10000370 Container-less custom beverage vending invention
US10000371 Connector and socket
US10000372 Portable overflow prevention dispensing container
US10000373 Nano-electromechanical system (NEMS) device structure and method for forming the same
US10000374 MEMS component
US10000375 Structures and process for preventing a projection of the laser resealing structure beyond the wafer surface
US10000376 Method for producing a micro-electromechanical component and a micro-electromechanical component
US10000377 Nanostructured metal amides and nitrides for hydrogen storage
US10000378 Carbon monoxide shift reaction apparatus and carbon monoxide shift conversion method
US10000379 Process for the preparation of syngas
US10000380 Method for the manufacture of polymeric sulfur
US10000381 Systems and methods for growing a non-phase separated group-III nitride semiconductor alloy
US10000382 Method for carbon materials surface modification by the fluorocarbons and derivatives
US10000383 CO2 recovery apparatus and CO2 recovery method
US10000384 Method of laser direct synthesis of graphene
US10000385 Process of converting textile or plastic solid waste into activated carbon
US10000386 Method for forming of siliceous film and siliceous film formed using same
US10000387 Post-treatment of a zeolitic material
US10000388 Production of PCC
US10000389 System and method for controlling frothing during atmospheric leaching of metal sulphides using silicates
US10000390 Controlled microwave assisted synthesis of functionalized silica nanoparticles
US10000391 Oil-water separation structure, method of preparing the same, oil-water separator, and oil-water separation method using oil-water separator
US10000392 Liquid treatment apparatus
US10000393 Enhancement of dewatering using soy flour or soy protein
US10000394 Compositions for removing hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons from contaminated environments
US10000395 High-magnesium concentrated liquid and high-magnesium potable-water mixing system
US10000396 Dissolution chamber system
US10000397 Multiple attached growth reactor system
US10000398 In-situ purification island structure and the construction method thereof
US10000399 Denitrification of saline industrial waste water
US10000402 Producing algal biomass and products from organic solid material
US10000403 Organic-waste-processing apparatus, processing method, and control apparatus
US10000404 Glass manufacturing method using electric melting
US10000405 Stelvin/cork glass wine bottles
US10000407 Vacuum plate and method for manufacturing the same
US10000408 Method for heating glass sheet, and glass tempering furnace
US10000409 Alkali-doped and alkali-free boroaluminosilicate glass
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