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US10004113 Heating wire arrangement for ceramic heater
US10004114 Induction heating cooker
US10004115 Electronic oven with reflective energy steering
US10004116 Lighting device, headlight device with the same, and vehicle
US10004117 Amplifier for a constant-current LED driver circuit and constant-current LED driver IC device
US10004118 LED control circuit and method therefor
US10004119 Low-cost LED driving circuit using high voltage
US10004120 Techniques for providing environmental lighting using network infrastructure
US10004121 LED driving device
US10004122 Solid-state circadian rhythm lamp and related control techniques
US10004123 Failure detection and alerting circuit for a differential mode surge protection device in an LED driver
US10004124 Electroluminescent display device
US10004125 Automatically adjust sensor sample rates and modes based on sensor feedback and system state
US10004126 Lighting-system color-shift detection and correction
US10004128 Grid connected coordinated lighting adapter
US10004129 Extending coverage in an outdoor lighting system by using a mobile device and short-range wireless communications
US10004130 Effect-driven specification of dynamic lighting
US10004131 Methods and systems for controlling an electrical load
US10004132 Dose rate monitoring device
US10004133 Apparatus and techniques to treat substrates using directional plasma and reactive gas
US10004134 Reflector lamp
US10004135 Systems and methods for particle guiding
US10004136 Satellite-based ballistic missile defense system
US10004137 Printed circuit board assembly
US10004138 Touch panel and manufacturing method thereof
US10004139 Flexible printed circuit board of light guide module and cut-out structure thereof
US10004140 Three-dimensional circuit substrate and sensor module using three-dimensional circuit substrate
US10004141 Kitchen appliance operable by electric motor, data memory element, and combination of a kitchen appliance operable by electric motor and a data memory element
US10004142 Circuit board assembly having a secondary circuit board abutting a primary circuit board, with at least one sensor disposed on the secondary circuit board
US10004143 Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
US10004144 Connector module
US10004145 Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
US10004146 Method for manufacturing light emitting device
US10004147 Method for the diffusion soldering of an electronic component to a substrate
US10004148 Manufacturing method of multilayer printed wiring board
US10004150 Vertical electronic device and modular unit
US10004151 Display apparatus
US10004152 Heat insulation sheet and method of manufacturing same
US10004153 Cassette for curved substrates
US10004154 Dust guard structure
US10004155 Split door submersible network protector housings for electrical distribution systems
US10004156 Heat radiation fin structure
US10004157 Mobile soft duct system
US10004158 Electronic apparatus having a plurality of cooling fans for suppressing temperature increase within the electronic apparatus
US10004159 Water-cooling radiator unit and device thereof
US10004160 Adaptive heat dissipation
US10004161 Electronic module with laterally-conducting heat distributor layer
US10004162 Enhanced fan design, configuration, and control for modular, scalable and expandable, rack-based information handling system
US10004163 Integrated environmental control for electronic equipment enclosures
US10004164 Plenums for removable modules
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