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US9999217 Compositions for stabilizing DNA, RNA, and proteins in blood and other biological samples during shipping and storage at ambient temperatures
US9999219 Spray oil and method of use therof for controlling turfgrass pests
US9999220 Method for repelling rodents
US9999221 Herbicide combination containing pelargonic acid and defined ALS inhibitors
US9999222 Herbicidal combination comprising azines
US9999223 Herbicidal composition comprising glyphosate, glufosinate or their salts
US9999224 Antimicrobial reverse thermal gel and methods of forming and using same
US9999225 Silver nanoparticle-enhanced photosensitizers
US9999227 Pest control formulations and methods of making and using same
US9999228 Pans for baking and/or cooking pizza pies, bread, other dough related products, and/or like food products, and methods for making the same
US9999229 Apparatus for stacking, singulating, and dispensing pliable food products and methods therefor
US9999230 Method for producing a baked article which is assembled in the manner of a sandwich, and also baked article comprising two baked product parts of substantially plate-like design and a filling layer arranged between the two baked product parts
US9999231 Device and method for making an irregular dough product
US9999232 Gambrel
US9999233 Low moisture barrier film
US9999234 Apparatus for skinning poultry products
US9999235 Ready-to-drink tea beverage comprising cellulose microfibrils derived from plant parenchymal tissue
US9999236 Confectionery composition comprising a fat system
US9999237 Method of inhibiting the growth of Salmonella
US9999238 buttiauxella sp. phytase variants
US9999239 Methods and compositions for animal feed
US9999240 Carbohydrate compositions
US9999241 Conveyor belt seal
US9999242 Production of expanded nuts
US9999243 Exhausted tobacco lozenge
US9999244 Pre-rolled smoking paper stuffer
US9999245 Electronic cigarettes having concealable mouthpieces and methods of using the same
US9999246 Non-burning type flavor inhaler
US9999247 Aerosol generating device with heater assembly
US9999248 Electronic cigarette and method for assembling electronic cigarette
US9999249 Aerosol inhaling device
US9999250 Vaporizer related systems, methods, and apparatus
US9999251 Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette
US9999252 Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette
US9999253 Atomizer and electronic cigarette having same
US9999254 E-cigarette. and e-cigarette atomizer and mouthpiece thereof
US9999255 Electronic cigarette with a blocking module
US9999256 Heating smokable material
US9999257 Battery connector for electronic cigarette with side air intake
US9999261 Bra with a reversible effect of bringing the breasts closer together
US9999262 Bra and garment with bra portion
US9999263 Magnetically repulsive sport equipment
US9999264 Adjustable suit
US9999265 Adjustable privacy gown
US9999266 Gripless exercise glove
US9999267 Articles of apparel including encapsulated insulation panels and methods of making the same
US9999268 Shirt stay
US9999269 Methods and apparatus for a head covering device with increased air circulation
US9999270 Personal head and neck cooling cap
US9999271 Helmet lock
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