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US9999272 Apparatus, and associated method, for protectively supporting an object
US9999273 Sole for footwears capable of recovering part of the energy produced during deambulation
US9999274 Shoe having multiple sole members
US9999275 Golf shoe with an outsole having wave-like flex channels
US9999276 Sole structures and articles of footwear having a lightweight midsole with segmented protective elements
US9999277 Shoe sole and insole
US9999278 Self-fitting, self-adjusting, automatically adjusting and/or automatically fitting shoe/sneaker/footwear
US9999280 Interactive bracelet for practicing an activity between user devices
US9999281 Customizable pendant
US9999282 Method for preparing pieces of fabric; pieces and bag derived from application of the method
US9999283 Collapsible luggage and a method for its use
US9999284 Folding collapsible luggage
US9999285 Aluminum tube-coated novel hair curler
US9999286 Sealable powder box
US9999287 Packaging container with smearing component
US9999288 Cosmetic or dermatological system with automatic adjustment of the properties of a preparation as a function of data transmitted by a transmitter external to the system
US9999289 Shoulder straps for backpacks
US9999290 Personal load-carrying system
US9999291 Putrello lift assist work belt
US9999292 Dual charging cable lanyard
US9999293 Mop prop, stick stay, and broom base
US9999294 Multiple work surface pullout unit
US9999295 Console and console support structure
US9999296 Laptop PC stand
US9999297 Input and/or display consoles for exercise apparatuses having an adjustable media shelf
US9999298 Lap desk with mouse pad and device slot
US9999299 Storage system with retractable cells
US9999300 Storage system and article retrieving method
US9999301 Modular pallet racking system
US9999302 Furniture drawer locking mechanism and method for implementing the same
US9999303 Column-beam connecting assembly capable of being manually assembled and frame structure assembled thereby
US9999304 Lumbar support cushion
US9999305 Slip cover for an outdoor, collapsible chair
US9999306 Convertible stand for concealing a mattress
US9999307 Fitted sheet
US9999308 System for securing bedclothes to a mattress and method
US9999309 Gravity chopsticks
US9999310 Hanger system, method and apparatus
US9999311 Zipper puller device
US9999312 Window treatment securement device
US9999313 Motorized drapery apparatus, system and method of use
US9999314 Cold brew beverage brewing systems
US9999315 Beverage production methods with multi chambered basket units
US9999316 Beverage substance cartridge, water filling apparatus, beverage producing equipment, beverage producing system and beverage producing method
US9999317 Descaling device for a beverage machine and method of descaling a beverage machine
US9999318 Hand-held rotisserie device
US9999319 Processor
US9999320 Control system for mixers
US9999321 Dicer
US9999322 Modular suspendable organizational apparatus
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