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US9999323 Authentication reader and a dispenser comprising the authentication reader
US9999324 Liquid-dispensing pad
US9999325 Separation unit and a dispenser comprising a separation unit
US9999326 Sheet product dispenser
US9999327 Toilet apparatus
US9999328 Autonomous cleaning appliance
US9999329 Aspiration nozzle of vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner having same
US9999330 Roller brush assembly
US9999331 Domestic cleaning appliance
US9999332 Floor cleaning machine
US9999333 Floor cleaning appliance
US9999335 Surface maintenance machine with a head adjustment mechanism
US9999336 Self-wrung flat mop
US9999337 System for establishing communication between a user interface and a controller of a dishwasher
US9999338 Filter assembly for a dishwasher appliance
US9999340 Dishwasher and dispensing assembly
US9999341 Footwear-cleaning device
US9999342 Single power switch for modular medical imaging system
US9999343 Endoscope system
US9999344 Endoscope
US9999345 Drop in surgical illuminator
US9999347 Headgear for observation of eye movements
US9999348 Compact eye imaging and eye tracking apparatus
US9999349 Ophthalmologic apparatus for measuring position of measuring portion inside eye
US9999350 Reduced glare surgical microscope and associated devices, systems, and methods
US9999352 System and method for determining a hydration level of a tissue region
US9999353 Medical device and method for use in tissue characterization and treatment
US9999354 Biological tissue inspection method and system
US9999355 Device, system and method for determining vital signs of a subject based on reflected and transmitted light
US9999356 Strain sensor element and blood pressure sensor
US9999357 Method and apparatus for the non-invasive measurement of pulse transit times (PTT)
US9999358 Blood pressure measurement device
US9999359 System and methods for detecting atrial tachyarrhythmia using hemodynamic sensors
US9999360 Coupling and method for detecting heart rate
US9999361 Method and system for non-invasive assessment of coronary artery disease
US9999363 System and method for neural interface with modular active electronics
US9999364 Systems and methods for providing cardiac electrophysiological markers
US9999365 Mapping ablation catheter
US9999366 Catheter with multi-functional control handle having rotational mechanism
US9999367 Fetal cardiotocography monitoring
US9999368 Atrial fibrillation detection
US9999369 Laser-scribed ferrogel sensor with magnetic particles
US9999370 Positionable patient-interface apparatus for an MRI system and method
US9999371 Integrated system for intravascular placement of a catheter
US9999372 Combination of inert gas rebreathing and multiple-breath wash-out techniques for determination of indices of ventilation inhomogeneity
US9999374 Antibacterial filter and turbine flowmeter for tests on respiratory functionality
US9999375 Location detection systems and methods
US9999376 Determining body postures and activities
US9999377 Method, system and apparatus for fall detection
US9999378 Method and apparatus for monitoring deviation of a limb
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