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US9999380 Segmented magnets
US9999381 Device for performing at least one medical function
US9999382 Measurement of a fluorescent analyte using tissue excitation
US9999383 Syringe-based fluid diversion mechanism for bodily fluid sampling
US9999384 Sleeve for removable lancet of lancing device
US9999385 Remote delivery and monitoring of health care
US9999386 Method and system to diagnose central sleep apnea
US9999388 Hand-held device for the endurance training and the determination of endurance metrics
US9999389 Activity meter, activity amount measurement device, portable terminal, information sharing assistance device, information sharing system, activity assistance device, and activity assistance system
US9999390 Method and system for measuring urea
US9999391 Wearable electromyogram sensor system
US9999392 Equine performance tracking and monitoring system
US9999393 Delivery of electrode gel using CPR puck
US9999394 Motion analysis device, motion analysis system, motion analysis method, program, and recording medium
US9999395 Apparatus and method for detecting user action
US9999396 Exercise physiological sensing system, motion artifact suppression processing method and device
US9999397 Biosignal processing method and apparatus
US9999398 Presenting data generated by a continuous glucose monitor
US9999399 Method and system for pigtail catheter motion prediction
US9999400 Systems and methods for automated segmentation of individual skeletal bones in 3D anatomical images
US9999401 Determining the velocity of a fluid with the aid of an imaging method
US9999402 Automatic image segmentation
US9999403 Medical device
US9999404 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
US9999405 Method and system for enhanced visualization of a curved structure by automatically displaying a rendered view of a curved image slice
US9999406 Biopsy device tissue sample holder with removable tray
US9999407 Tissue sampling device
US9999408 Surgical instrument with fluid fillable buttress
US9999409 Vascular sealing device with locking hub
US9999410 Systems and methods for sequential mixing of activator in bioadhesive delivery device
US9999411 Vascular closure device with a plug having a variable expansion rate and method for using the same
US9999412 Fistula management device and method
US9999413 Micrograft for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms and method for use
US9999414 Retraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture
US9999415 Auxiliary apparatus for minimally invasive surgery and method to use the same
US9999416 Methods and apparatus for internal hip distraction
US9999417 Suture anchor cartridge
US9999418 Medical device having a position indicator
US9999419 Single catheter heart repair device and method for use
US9999420 Shape memory filament for suture management
US9999421 Suture for soft tissue repair
US9999422 Apparatus and methods for achilles tendon repair
US9999423 Translatable articulation joint unlocking feature for surgical stapler
US9999424 Means and method for reversibly connecting an implant to a deployment device
US9999425 Mitral valve leaflet clip
US9999427 Methods, devices and systems for filling body cavities
US9999428 Orthopaedic surgical instrument system and method for surgically preparing a patients bone
US9999429 Patient-specific total hip arthroplasty
US9999430 Guide sleeve for suprapatellar surgery
US9999431 Surgical stapling device having supports for a flexible drive mechanism
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