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US9999432 Snare device for catching an object
US9999433 Apparatus and method to secure turbinate to nasal septum
US9999434 Brake mechanism and medical manipulator provided with same
US9999435 Endoscopic instrument
US9999436 Membrane removing forceps
US9999437 Method and apparatus for forming opening in a sinus wall
US9999438 Methods and devices for cutting tissue at a vascular location
US9999439 Laparoscopic scalpel and method for use
US9999440 Robotic insertion systems and methods
US9999442 Methods for accessing a left ventricle
US9999443 Instrument head single loader
US9999444 Depth controlled Jamshidi needle
US9999445 Full-vagina sleeve cylindrical expansion and pneumoperitoneum integrated device
US9999446 System and method for replacement of spinal motion segment
US9999448 Methods and devices for polyaxial screw alignment
US9999450 Inserter and method for securing an implant to a spinal process with a flexible fastening system
US9999451 Extension device for a bone anchor
US9999453 Femoral neck fracture implant
US9999454 Bone plate system and method
US9999455 Spine fixing apparatus
US9999456 Bone fracture fixation clamp
US9999457 Orthopedic fastener
US9999458 Method and device for producing an anchorage in human or animal tissue
US9999459 Vacuum mixing device for bone cement and method for mixing bone cement in said device
US9999460 Surgical rod bending
US9999461 Therapeutic denervation of nerves surrounding a hepatic vessel
US9999462 Integrated cold plasma and high frequency plasma electrosurgical system and method
US9999463 Monitoring nerve activity
US9999464 Device and methods for renal nerve modulation monitoring
US9999465 Method and apparatus for rapid and safe pulmonary vein cardiac ablation
US9999466 Tissue extraction devices and methods
US9999467 Multiple treatment zone ablation probe
US9999468 Remote control switch for a laser system
US9999469 Package for elongated sharp-edged tools
US9999470 Robotic surgery manipulator
US9999471 Male medical implement cleaning device
US9999472 Methods and systems for indicating a clamping prediction
US9999473 Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
US9999475 Actuated cannula seal
US9999476 Movable surgical mounting platform controlled by manual motion of robotic arms
US9999477 Manipulator system
US9999478 Anesthetic cable protector
US9999479 Low-complexity optical force sensor for a medical device
US9999480 Mounting device for a stand device and mounting system including the mounting device
US9999481 Adjustable-prescription orthodontic bracket assemblies
US9999482 Archwire assembly with non-linear crimpable orthodontic stop and method of manufacture
US9999483 Orthodontic arch wire bracket with interchangeable locks including variable tooth positioning control and method of using same
US9999484 Device and a method for delivery of a dental composition
US9999485 Method for digital archiving and manufacturing of dental prosthetics and prosthesis, and teaching and training for same
US9999486 Spring mechanism for power device
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