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US9999487 Method for creating a virtual jaw image
US9999488 Device for providing a measured vertical dimension of occlusion
US9999489 Animal lifting table with offloading ramp
US9999490 Intra-vaginal devices and methods for treating fecal incontinence
US9999491 Puncture device and puncture apparatus
US9999492 Embolic protection device
US9999493 Axial lengthening thrombus capture system
US9999494 Devices, systems, and methods for repair of vascular defects
US9999495 Ligament reconstruction fixation system
US9999496 Multiple implant constructions and fixation methods associated therewith
US9999497 Corneal implants and methods and systems for placement
US9999498 Intraocular lens structure
US9999499 Preloaded intraocular lens (IOL) system and method
US9999500 Anti thrombogenic heart valve and medical implements
US9999501 Valve prosthesis
US9999502 Transcather valve prosthesis
US9999503 Devices, systems and methods for accurate positioning of a prosthetic valve
US9999504 Inversion delivery device and method for a prosthesis
US9999505 Method for stabilizing a cardiac valve annulus
US9999506 System and method for treating valve insufficiency or vessel dilatation
US9999507 Percutaneous valve repair by reshaping and resizing right ventricle
US9999508 Implantable penile prosthesis
US9999509 System and method for fabricating a body part model using multi-material additive manufacturing
US9999510 Method for manufacturing a template to adapt the shape of a bone defect in a jaw to a bone superstructure
US9999511 Knee prosthesis
US9999512 Knee joint prosthesis and related method
US9999513 Shoulder prosthesis assembly
US9999514 Wrist prosthesis, and a set of components for forming the same
US9999515 Universally expanding cage
US9999516 Implant device having a non-planar surface
US9999517 Intervertebral scaffolding with stabilized laterovertical expansion
US9999518 Pneumatic surgical instrument and corresponding methods for implanting, extracting and reorienting orthopedic implants
US9999519 Instruments and methods for orthopedic implant assembly
US9999520 Osteoimplant and method of making same
US9999521 Bio-mechanical prosthetic finger with H-shaped rocker
US9999522 Prosthetic digit for use with touchscreen devices
US9999523 Frictionless vertical suspension mechanism for prosthetic feet
US9999524 Prosthetic feet and foot covers
US9999525 Prosthetic foot
US9999526 Prosthetic ankle joint mechanism
US9999527 Scaffolds having radiopaque markers
US9999528 Stent with embedded pressure sensors
US9999529 Hollow drug-filled stent and method of forming hollow drug-filled stent
US9999530 Diastolic coronary stent deployment system for precise bifurcation lesion stenting
US9999532 Methods and devices for treating obesity, incontinence, and neurological and physiological disorders
US9999533 Gastric sizing systems including instruments for use in bariatric surgery
US9999534 Adaptive arm support systems and methods for use
US9999535 Ostomy wafer
US9999536 Ostomy barrier seal
US9999538 Obstructive sleep apnea and snoring prevention dental appliance
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