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US9999539 Thermal eye pod assembly
US9999540 Dropper of eye drops
US9999541 Positioning device for eye surgery and procedures
US9999542 Systems, methods, and devices for cannula insertion
US9999543 C-shaped cross section tubular ophthalmic implant for reduction of intraocular pressure in glaucomatous eyes and method of use
US9999544 Minimally invasive glaucoma surgical instrument and method
US9999545 Modular anti-fog goggle system
US9999546 Protective headwear with airflow
US9999547 Apparatuses and methods for negative pressure wound therapy
US9999548 Method for determining a size grid
US9999549 Method of making prefastened refastenable disposable absorbent articles
US9999550 Machine for making absorbent sanitary articles
US9999551 Methods for transferring discrete articles
US9999552 Methods for profiling surface topographies of absorbent structures in absorbent articles
US9999553 Materials and methods for oil removal
US9999554 Absorbent article demonstrating controlled deformation and longitudinal fluid distribution
US9999555 Powered roll-in cots having wheel alignment mechanisms
US9999556 Roll-in push cot
US9999557 Robotic mobility device
US9999558 Piece of furniture, such as an adjustable bed, having an adjustable platform
US9999559 Infant warming device with integrated touch screen and display isolation mounting
US9999560 Device for dialysis and stimulation of a patient and method
US9999561 Shoulder and/or knee physical therapy and range of motion device
US9999562 Walker device
US9999563 Massage device
US9999564 Back massaging apparatus
US9999565 Steam shower system and device
US9999566 Sauna stove lid structure and a sauna stove equipped with the lid structure
US9999567 Systems and methods for nasal irrigation
US9999568 Disposable processing bag with alignment feature
US9999569 Needle valve and connectors for use in liquid transfer apparatuses
US9999570 Fluid transfer device and packaging therefor
US9999571 Uniform-distribution filling mechanism for medicinal powder
US9999572 System for sealing a container for storing and delivering a product
US9999573 Color changing silicone sleeves
US9999574 Method for producing a pacifier teat, and pacifier teat
US9999575 Container with a spittoon
US9999576 Dental composition
US9999577 Cream gels comprising at least one retinoid and benzoyl peroxide
US9999578 Translucent and syrupy cosmetic composition
US9999579 Controlled release dual walled microcapsules
US9999580 Skin tightening compositions
US9999581 Liquid mouthwash
US9999582 Combinations of preservatives for hair colors
US9999583 Dye composition comprising a particular amphoteric surfactant and a sulfate or sulfonate surfactant
US9999584 Agent and method for temporarily deforming keratin-containing fibers
US9999585 Peroxide-stable oral care compositions
US9999586 Silicone modified polyolefins in personal care applications
US9999587 Compositions and methods for stimulation MAGP-1 to improve the appearance of skin
US9999588 Topical skin care formulations and methods of using same
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