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US9999645 Method of making longan seed extract
US9999646 Method of treating inflammation, allergy and asthma with a purified extract (ATC1) isolated from Pseudolysimachion rotundum var. subintegrum containing abundant amount of active ingredient
US9999647 Method for obtaining a plant extract and associated compositions
US9999648 Combination and/or composition comprising bacillus, and yucca, quillaja, or both and a method for using and making
US9999649 Peptide having ability to synthesize collagen and use thereof
US9999650 Peptide and peptidomimetic inhibitors
US9999651 Composition comprising oil drops
US9999652 Methods and devices for bone infection treatment selection
US9999653 Therapeutic process for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome and associated metabolic disorders
US9999654 Composition with increased bioavailability of orally administered embryo-peptides and process for its obtainment
US9999655 Use of MKS inhibitor peptide-containing compositions for treating non-small cell lung cancer with same
US9999657 Polymer-factor VIII moiety conjugates
US9999658 Method for treating pain and method for screening pharmaceutical compositions having an anti-pain effect
US9999659 Treatments using a peptide and/or vaccine
US9999660 Tolerogenic compositions comprising and uses thereof
US9999661 Recombinant low virulence bovine herpesvirus-1 (BoHV-1) vaccine vectors
US9999662 Influenza vaccine and therapy
US9999663 Immunogenic formulation containing recombinant live BCG that express antigens of metapneumovirus (hMPV), in a suspension prepared from a lyophilisate, without requiring an adjuvant, suitable for pharmaceutical use
US9999664 HIV-1 gp120 mini V3 loop and uses thereof
US9999665 Recombinant herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) vaccine vectors
US9999666 Uses of conjugates of GM-CSF and IL-7 to treat viral infections
US9999667 Vaccination response for immunodeficiency disorders or high cortisol
US9999668 RS7 antibodies
US9999669 Pharmaceutical composition for intestinal cancer treatment and/or prevention
US9999670 Pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzyl alcohol
US9999671 Delivery of negatively charged proteins using cationic lipids
US9999672 Pharmaceutical compositions of fumaric acid esters
US9999673 PEGylated lipids and their use for drug delivery
US9999674 Compositions comprising apomorphine and organic acids and uses thereof
US9999675 Composition and method for delivery of hydrophobic active agents
US9999676 Biodegradable microbead comprising anionic polymer for improving adsorptive power to anticancer drugs, and method for preparing same
US9999677 Wound healing composition
US9999678 C6-C18-acylated derivative of hyaluronic acid and method of preparation thereof
US9999679 Aminofucoidan as a vector for fibrinolysis in thrombotic diseases
US9999680 Conjugates comprising cell-binding agents and maytansinoids as cytotoxic agents
US9999681 Peptidomimetic compounds and antibody-drug conjugates thereof
US9999682 Method for preparing chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles for protein immobilization
US9999683 Method for identifying and treating a patient having tumor lesions comprising administering a gene therapy retroviral vector particle comprising a mutated HSV-thymidine kinase (HSV-TK) polynucleotide
US9999684 Methods of treating neurodegenerative disorders
US9999685 AII retinal amacrine cell-specific promoter
US9999686 Dental cleaning composition
US9999687 Fluorescent imaging agents
US9999688 Methods for treating and diagnosing blinding eye diseases
US9999689 Imaging beta cell mass
US9999690 Labeled compounds and methods of imaging, diagnosing cartilage disorders and diseases, and monitoring cartilage health using labeled and unlabeled compounds
US9999691 Method for the detection of enzymatic activity with magnetically functionalized substrates
US9999692 Radiolabelling process
US9999693 Nanostructures and applications thereof
US9999694 Multimodal silica-based nanoparticles
US9999695 Microsphere comprising a lanthanide metal complex
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