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US9999696 Compact system with high homogeneity of the radiation field
US9999697 Packaging for sterile products
US9999698 Olfactory display
US9999699 Chip sanitizing device
US9999700 Simple coacervates and methods of use thereof
US9999701 Lung volume reduction therapy using crosslinked non-natural polymers
US9999702 Apparatuses, methods, and compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic wounds
US9999703 Dry haemostatic composition
US9999704 Amphiphilic degradable polymers for immobilization and sustained delivery of biomolecules
US9999705 Protein biomaterials and biocoacervates and methods of making and using thereof
US9999706 Implantable devices having antibacterial properties and multifunctional surfaces
US9999707 Method for decellularization of tissue
US9999708 Process for preparing objects made of biocompatible hydrogel for uses thereof in the medical field, and more particularly in ophthalmology
US9999709 Reversible peristaltic pump and other structures for reflux in eye surgery
US9999710 Tissue removal devices, systems and methods
US9999711 Sustained variable negative pressure wound treatment and method of controlling same
US9999712 Medical peristaltic pump
US9999713 Device and a method for augmenting heart function
US9999714 Catheter system and intravascular blood pump having said catheter system
US9999715 Blood treatment apparatus adapted to preserve parts thereof
US9999716 Acute renal replacement therapy apparatus
US9999717 Systems and methods for detecting vascular access disconnection
US9999719 Clamp for an IV pump
US9999720 Drug reconstitution and delivery device and methods
US9999721 Error handling in infusion devices with distributed motor control and related operating methods
US9999722 Portable medical fluid delivery device with drive screw articulated with reservoir plunger
US9999723 Huber needle assembly with safety capture device
US9999724 Patch-like infusion device
US9999725 Safety needle device, particularly for the puncture of a port implanted subcutaneously in a human or animal body
US9999726 Vented dispensing device and method
US9999727 Drive mechanism for drug delivery pumps with integrated status indication
US9999728 Regulating entry into a closed-loop operating mode of an insulin infusion system
US9999729 Needle assembly attachable to an injection device, the needle assembly having a reservoir assembly with locking mechanism
US9999730 Component of a drug delivery device and method of assembly
US9999731 Self-lubricating medical syringes
US9999732 Drug injection device with particular optical window elements for unambiguous legibility of dose value
US9999733 Safety syringe
US9999734 Injection device
US9999735 Safety needle device with snap feature and method of making same
US9999736 Device and external functional means and treatment apparatus for the treatment of medical fluids
US9999737 Endotracheal tube with radiopaque distal end marker
US9999738 Gel cushion pad for mask
US9999739 Patient interface device having an engineered surface for providing low friction and improved comfort to the user
US9999740 Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask
US9999741 Respiratory gas flow sensor with sampling port
US9999742 Combination CPAP and resuscitation systems and methods
US9999743 Sound-induced sleep method and a system therefor
US9999745 Catheter devices and methods for making them
US9999746 High flow catheters
US9999748 Flexible catheter shaft and method of manufacture
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