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US9999749 Catheter
US9999750 Method and system of utilizing ECG signal for central venous catheter tip positioning
US9999751 Adjustable nose cone for a catheter positioning system
US9999752 Multi-conduit balloon catheter
US9999753 Urological medical devices having a porous membrane for delivery of urologically beneficial agents
US9999754 Delivery method for biodegradable stents
US9999755 Conformable tissue expander
US9999756 System for delivery of gaseous imaging contrast agents and methods for using same
US9999757 Skin antiseptic applicator and methods of making and using the same
US9999758 In-situ material delivery devices and methods
US9999759 Linear staplers having resorbable microneedles containing active agents
US9999760 DVDMS sensitizer for cancer sonodynamic therapy
US9999761 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannula hemostatic plug
US9999762 Apparatus for application of a pulsed radio frequency therapy in a vascular system or another cavity or tissue of the human or animal body
US9999763 Apparatus and methods for anchoring electrode leads adjacent to nervous tissue
US9999764 Resonance tuning module for implantable devices and leads
US9999765 Surrogate implanted medical device for energy dissipation of existing implanted leads during MRI scans
US9999766 Device for verifying the electrical output of a microcurrent therapy device
US9999767 Esophageal stimulation system
US9999768 Respiratory rectification
US9999769 Excitation modeling and matching
US9999770 Cochlear implant electrode array including receptor and sensor
US9999771 Prefitting evaluation of cochlear implant patients
US9999772 Systems and method for deep brain stimulation therapy
US9999773 Implantable neurostimulator-implemented method utilizing multi-modal stimulation parameters
US9999774 Optical trigger for therapy delivery
US9999775 System and method for controlling cardiac pacing mode switching
US9999776 Secure operation of implanted device
US9999777 Cermet feedthrough in ceramic multilayer body
US9999778 Non-magnetic high voltage charging system for use in cardiac stimulation devices
US9999779 Cell, tissue and organ protection using a magnetic field
US9999780 Magnetic stimulation having a freely selectable pulse shape
US9999781 System and method for micromagnetic stimulation of the peripheral nervous system
US9999782 Ultraviolet-based sterilization
US9999784 Skin treatment system and method
US9999785 Method and system for generation and use of activated stem cells
US9999786 Radiation emitting apparatus, radiation therapy apparatus, and collimator drive control method
US9999787 Beam limiting device for intensity modulated proton therapy
US9999788 Fast and accurate proton therapy dose calculations
US9999789 Temperature distribution determining apparatus
US9999791 Stove top fire extinguishing device
US9999792 Wet pipe fire protection sprinkler system dual air vent with water retention and return
US9999793 Flexible dry sprinkler having a differential pressure controller
US9999794 Low environmental impact refrigerant gas mixtures
US9999795 Motorized rotatable exercise pole
US9999796 Supplemental weight stack for an exercise machine
US9999797 Assisted chin/dip exercise apparatus with adjustable chin-up/pull-up handles
US9999798 Versatile exercise apparatus with adjustable volume to weight ratio
US9999799 Arm extension exercise apparatus
US9999800 Multi-mode squat rack
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