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US9999801 Baby leg and foot trainer
US9999802 Body weight exercise assembly configured to accept various discipline attachments
US9999803 Orthopedic hand linear and rotation
US9999804 Dynamic sampling in sports equipment
US9999805 Analyzing team game play interactions using gaze data
US9999807 Muscular training device, system and method
US9999810 Baseball/softball and method of processing thereof
US9999811 Golf club or other ball striking device having stiffened face portion
US9999812 Golf club head or other ball striking device having impact-influencing body features
US9999815 Lightweight multicolor compression molded grip
US9999816 Goal apparatus
US9999817 Device in connection with exercise
US9999818 Bicycle trainer
US9999819 Kicking and punching apparatus with electronic scoring system
US9999820 Swinging device
US9999821 Method for monitoring performance characteristics associated with user activities involving swinging instruments
US9999822 Golf swing training device
US9999823 System for analyzing golf swing process and method thereof
US9999824 Portable golf mat
US9999825 Smart-court system and method for providing real-time debriefing and training services of sport games
US9999826 Virtual golf simulation device and method for providing stereophonic sound for weather
US9999827 Self-balancing skateboard with strain-based controls and suspensions
US9999828 Card shuffler
US9999829 Game system
US9999830 Syllabic roulette game with solmization, and method
US9999831 Puzzle with attachable and releasable pieces
US9999832 Game system, computer-readable non-transitory storage medium, game processing method and game apparatus
US9999833 Hand-held controllers with capacitive touch sensors for virtual-reality systems
US9999835 Motion sickness monitoring and application of supplemental sound to counteract sickness
US9999836 User-defined channel
US9999837 Information processing apparatus
US9999838 Step operated water flow control valve
US9999839 Snow man making device for making a snow person having light emitting structures
US9999840 Table-top fort
US9999841 Construction toy element and set
US9999842 Hybrid contact tray for a mass transfer column
US9999843 Offline filtration device and method
US9999844 Cold trap
US9999845 System and method for de-aerating coolant in closed coolant system
US9999846 Defoaming compositions comprising amphiphilic particles and methods of making and using the same
US9999847 Vibrating inclined plate box settlement separator
US9999848 Dual bag filter
US9999850 Filtering contaminants from fluid
US9999851 Filter mounting structure
US9999852 Method for removing SOx from gas with compound alcohol-amine solution
US9999853 Processes for filtering chemicals from air streams
US9999854 Catalyst module, receiving unit for such a catalyst module and method for manufacturing such a catalyst module
US9999855 Microfluidic processing of target species in ferrofluids
US9999856 Methods for electroelution of biomolecules
US9999857 Membrane distillation arrangement
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