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US9999858 Method for making multiple walled nested coaxial nanostructures
US9999859 Immobilized multi-layer artificial membrane for permeability measurements (PAMPA)
US9999860 Channeled articles and methods for their manufacture
US9999861 Carbon molecular sieve membranes for nitrogen/methane separation
US9999862 Rehydration capsule and method of using the same
US9999863 Refrigerator
US9999864 Method of mixing a liquid in a container
US9999865 Method of reliable particle size control for preparing aqueous suspension of precious metal nanoparticles and the precious metal nanoparticle suspension prepared by the method thereof
US9999866 Preparation of templates for nucleic acid sequencing
US9999867 Composite adsorbent material
US9999868 Method for preparing super absorbent resin
US9999870 Nanostructured solar selective catalytic supports
US9999871 Catalytic converter
US9999872 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst, exhaust gas purification device and filter, and method for producing said catalyst
US9999873 Process for preparing a chlorine comprising catalyst, the prepared catalyst, and its use
US9999874 Process for obtaining heterogeneous acid catalysts based on mixed metal salts and use thereof
US9999875 Methods and materials for direct NOx decomposition in lean exhaust gases
US9999876 Catalyst blends
US9999877 Cu-CHA/Fe-BEA mixed zeolite catalyst and process for the treatment of NOx in gas streams
US9999878 Tin-containing zeolitic material having a BEA framework structure
US9999879 Formed ceramic substrate composition for catalyst integration
US9999880 Purification method for purifying water in a spent fuel pool in a nuclear power plant
US9999881 Pipette adjustment wheel
US9999882 Pipetting device, pipette tip coupler, and pipette tip: devices and methods
US9999883 System and method for processing fluid in a fluidic cartridge
US9999884 Disposable cartridge
US9999885 Integrated functional and fluidic circuits in Joule-Thompson microcoolers
US9999886 Methods and systems for on demand droplet generation and impedance based detection
US9999887 Apparatus for analyzing a test liquid
US9999888 Specimen container for urine and other liquids
US9999890 Vial transport element and assembly
US9999891 Air cooled rotating disc and mill assembly for reducing machines
US9999892 Method and apparatus of processing whole tobacco plants
US9999893 Mist generating apparatus
US9999894 Tree and shrub sprinkler apparatus
US9999895 Spray inserts
US9999896 Piston pump with locking pistons
US9999897 Paint roller
US9999898 Applicator and application method
US9999899 Controlled exposure of in-vivo sensors
US9999901 Method for manufacturing a superhydrophobic surface, surface so obtained and use of it
US9999902 Non-sticky erasable media with overcoat
US9999903 Method for forming CNT (carbon nanotube) film
US9999904 Coated metal plate and exterior building material
US9999905 Polymeric coatings and coating method
US9999906 Sorter
US9999907 Cleaning process that precipitates yttrium oxy-flouride
US9999908 Ductless fume hood gas monitoring and detection system
US9999909 Soil gas and groundwater remediation system and method
US9999910 Method for controlling a two continuous strands rolling plant
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