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US9999911 Method and system for controlling the quality of a stamped part
US9999912 Sheet metal dent repair tool exchange handle
US9999913 Roller hemming tool
US9999914 Punch for crimping tool and crimping tool provided with such a punch
US9999915 Enhanced multipurpose twist tie and method of fabrication and operation
US9999916 Method for machining a functional part
US9999917 Method for cold-forging thin-walled portion and explosion-proof valve
US9999918 Thin cast strip product with microalloy additions, and method for making the same
US9999919 Method for operating continuous casting machine
US9999920 Ultrahigh temperature elastic metal composites
US9999921 Method of making aluminum or magnesium based composite engine blocks or other parts with in-situ formed reinforced phases through squeeze casting or semi-solid metal forming and post heat treatment
US9999922 Moldable composition for use in hand or machine forming an article
US9999923 Silver powder
US9999924 Method and system for monitoring additive manufacturing processes
US9999925 Three dimensional printer
US9999926 Hydrothermal method for manufacturing silver nanowires
US9999927 Parting-off tool assembly with single-cutting-edged solid cutting insert and rigid-insert-seat tool
US9999928 Setting system and tool
US9999929 Cutting head and cutting tool having a replaceable cutting head
US9999930 Hand-held machine tool having a striking mechanism
US9999931 Locking mechanism for a collet assembly
US9999932 Tool for machining a workpiece
US9999933 Double-sided high feed milling insert, high feed milling tool and method
US9999934 Gear cutter with radial adjustability of square or rectangular stick blades
US9999935 Drilling tool, in particular reamer
US9999936 Solder wire bobbinless coil
US9999937 Spot welding system, method and computer program capable of making pressurizing force applied to object to be pressed to be constant
US9999938 Multi-step direct welding of an aluminum-based workpiece to a steel workpiece
US9999939 Resistance spot welding steel and aluminum workpieces with electrode insert
US9999940 Process and system for friction stir welding of a stiffener on an aircraft panel
US9999941 Method of manufacturing liquid-cooled jacket
US9999942 Enclosure for laser cutting of human tissue
US9999943 Method of manufacturing a mask
US9999944 Systems and methods for welding electrodes
US9999945 Solder alloy
US9999946 High corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy brazing sheet, method of manufacturing such sheet, and corrosive-resistant heat exchanger using such sheet
US9999947 Method for repairing heaters and chucks used in semiconductor processing
US9999948 Method for reconditioning a turbine blade
US9999949 Work piece presentment
US9999950 Fuselage stuffing building and feeder lines
US9999951 Coupling members and pipe machining apparatuses including coupling members
US9999952 Structure for reducing thermal displacement of machine tool structure
US9999953 Mist removal system and mist removal method
US9999954 Machine tool and method for controlling machine tool
US9999955 Polishing apparatus and polished-state monitoring method
US9999956 Polishing device and polishing method
US9999957 Polishing head and polishing carrier apparatus having the same
US9999958 Deep rolling tool for blade fatigue life enhancement
US9999959 Support pad for a drill head and method for designing and manufacturing a support pad
US9999960 Coolant delivery system for grinding applications
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