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US10021147 Communication control device and method of controlling communication control device for determining whether non-standard communication is possible based on non-standard communication information representing whether each of three types of non-standard communication is possible
US10021148 Selective copying of track data through peer-to-peer remote copy
US10021149 System and method for augmented and virtual reality
US10021150 Systems and methods of establishing and measuring trust relationships in a community of online users
US10021151 Sharing social network information
US10021152 Sharing location information for locations accessed during a conference
US10021153 Determination of a user context and sending of a third party proposition
US10021154 Electronic devices for capturing media content and transmitting the media content to a network accessible media repository and methods of operating the same
US10021155 Method and system for content distribution
US10021156 Method and an electronic device for performing playback and sharing of streamed media
US10021157 Method and apparatus for an interchangeable wireless media streaming device
US10021158 Converting data stream in user equipment
US10021159 Method of stabilized adaptive video streaming for high dynamic range (HDR)
US10021161 Compression of graphical commands for remote display
US10021162 Cloud streaming service system, and method and apparatus for providing cloud streaming service
US10021163 Reconfiguring a streaming application to reduce latency mismatches
US10021164 Real-time streaming protocol gateway and proxy for serving and caching static media over a low bandwidth connection
US10021165 Method of sharing browsing on a web page displayed by a web browser
US10021166 Mechanism for building normalized service model to expose web APIs
US10021167 Accessing mobile documents
US10021168 Application streaming using pixel streaming
US10021169 Mobile application daily user engagement scores and user profiles
US10021170 Managing a storage array using client-side services
US10021171 Zero-downtime cloud connector upgrades
US10021172 Software driven long-term-evolution core network for mobile access
US10021173 E-book share server, the method and the program
US10021174 Distributing service sessions
US10021176 Method and server for managing traffic-overload on a server
US10021177 Peer-to-peer communications
US10021178 System and method for managing media content
US10021179 Local resource delivery network
US10021180 Universal environment extender
US10021181 System and method for discovering a LAN synchronization candidate for a synchronized content management system
US10021182 Method and apparatus for data synchronization
US10021183 System for tracking external data transmissions via inventory and registration
US10021184 Randomized peer-to-peer synchronization of shared content items
US10021185 Optimized virtual storage fabric
US10021186 Guaranteed delivery of replication message
US10021187 Presenting content using decoupled presentation resources
US10021189 Multi-channel sensor measurement method and system
US10021190 Communication management method and system for inserting a bookmark in a chat session
US10021191 Method and apparatus for multipath communication
US10021192 Communication control device and communication control method
US10021193 Session table framework
US10021194 Enforced registry of cookies through a theme template
US10021195 Cross-device synchronization system for account-level information
US10021196 Private service endpoints in isolated virtual networks
US10021198 Software-based mobile tracking service with video streaming when events occur
US10021199 Apparatus and method for providing streaming music service
US10021200 Methods and systems for activity-based recommendations
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