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US10021252 Image reading device and image forming system
US10021253 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, control method for imaging apparatus, and recording medium storing control program used for controlling imaging apparatus
US10021254 Autonomous vehicle cameras used for near real-time imaging
US10021255 Portable terminal device for selecting one of a plurality of output image processing devices by comparing radio wave strengths
US10021256 Apparatus system, and method for setting items with values that are input at an execution time of a workflow
US10021257 Operation panel for imaging device and imaging device
US10021258 Image forming apparatus equipped with display device to pivot in different directions in a tilting operation
US10021259 Scanning device and paper feeding module
US10021260 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
US10021261 Image forming apparatus
US10021262 Image forming apparatus
US10021263 Image processor acquiring image log, and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium storing program for image processor
US10021264 Information processing apparatus and method for executing and controlling sequential processing
US10021265 Image sensor
US10021266 System and method for automated document translation during transmission
US10021267 Dynamic print job previewer with automatic stock adjustment
US10021268 Image reading apparatus and method for generating image data with reference member used for shading correction having a reference surface and background surface at different positions
US10021269 Image correction device, image correction system, image correction method
US10021270 Dither mask generation method and device
US10021271 Correction method for image forming apparatus
US10021272 Image reading apparatus and image reading method for performing background removal processing on image data
US10021273 Image reading device provided with reader having lens array and light receiving elements and correcting output based on evaluation of reference member readings
US10021274 Color processing apparatus, color processing system, and non-transitory computer readable medium
US10021275 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium
US10021276 Method and device for processing video, electronic device and storage medium
US10021277 Terahertz imaging device, and method of eliminating interference patterns from terahertz image
US10021278 Vehicle vision system with lens pollution detection
US10021279 Image capturing device with slantwise surface
US10021280 Camera module electrical architecture
US10021281 Device with split imaging system
US10021283 Light shielding members for solid state image capturing apparatus, camera module and electronic device
US10021284 Epipolar plane single-pulse indirect TOF imaging for automotives
US10021285 Supplemental flash system
US10021286 Positioning apparatus for photographic and video imaging and recording and system utilizing the same
US10021287 Imaging control device, imaging device, imaging control method, and program for transmitting an imaging preparation command, receiving a preparation completion command, and transmitting a captured image acquisition command
US10021288 Drive control apparatus for a lens apparatus, lens apparatus including the same, and image pickup apparatus including the same
US10021289 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system with point image intensity distribution calculation
US10021290 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and image pickup apparatus acquiring a focusing distance from a plurality of images
US10021291 Portable device enabling a user to manually adjust locations of focusing and photometry and method for taking images
US10021292 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus and image processing program
US10021293 Image capture apparatus, image capture processing system and method for processing image capture
US10021294 Mobile terminal for providing partial attribute changes of camera preview image and method for controlling the same
US10021295 Visual cues for managing image capture
US10021296 Automatic rotatable camera for panorama taking in mobile terminals
US10021297 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
US10021298 Semiconductor structure and method for manufacturing the same
US10021299 System and method for image stitching
US10021300 Image processing device and electronic system including the same
US10021301 Omnidirectional camera with multiple processors and/or multiple sensors connected to each processor
US10021302 Video recording method and device
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