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US10021303 Electronic apparatus, recording medium and electronic apparatus system
US10021304 Temporal filtering based on motion detection between non-adjacent pictures
US10021305 Image capture apparatus with panning assistance function and control method thereof
US10021306 Image processing device, image processing method, program, and endoscope device
US10021307 Processing apparatus for camera shake correction
US10021308 Digital imaging apparatus and control method
US10021309 Image recording apparatus and image reproducing apparatus
US10021310 Characteristic image display apparatus
US10021311 Camera control apparatus
US10021312 Endoscope system and method for operating endoscope system
US10021313 Image adjustment techniques for multiple-frame images
US10021314 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium for changing shading using a virtual light source
US10021315 Imaging system for addressing specular reflection
US10021316 Photoelectric conversion device having a plurality of photoelectric conversion units and a plurality of charge holding units, and imaging system
US10021317 Image display apparatus capable of regulating focusing using a camera module having a single lens and method of operating the same
US10021318 Method and apparatus in a motion video capturing system
US10021319 Electronic device and method for controlling image display
US10021320 Electronically controlled graduated density filters in stacked image sensors
US10021321 Imaging device and imaging system
US10021322 Semiconductor device
US10021323 Image sensor, imaging method, and electronic apparatus
US10021324 Method and system of correcting defective pixels
US10021325 Image sensor and image capturing apparatus
US10021326 Solid-state image sensor including pixels for detecting focus using a difference in intensity between lights
US10021327 Image pickup apparatus, solid-state image pickup device, and image pickup method
US10021328 Imaging device, imaging system, and manufacturing method of imaging device
US10021329 Imaging device, monitoring device, and electronic device
US10021330 Solid-state image capturing device including divided column signal lines
US10021331 Comparator, AD converter, solid-state imaging device, electronic apparatus, and method of controlling comparator
US10021332 Image sensor, method of driving an image sensor, electronic apparatus, and program
US10021333 Image sensor
US10021334 Pixel circuit and method of operating the same
US10021335 Imaging element, imaging method and electronic apparatus
US10021336 Display apparatus and control method thereof
US10021337 Systems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system
US10021338 Image display control apparatus, transmission apparatus, and image display control method
US10021339 Electronic device for generating video data
US10021340 Method and an apparatus for generating data representative of a light field
US10021341 Orientation adjustment for casting videos
US10021342 Electronic device and image displaying method thereof for catching and outputting image stream
US10021343 Method and apparatus for reducing isolation in a home network
US10021344 Facial gesture recognition and video analysis tool
US10021345 Communication management system, communication terminal, communication system, communication control method, and recording medium
US10021346 Interactive video conferencing
US10021347 Architecture for high availability conferencing
US10021348 Conferencing system, display method for shared display device, and switching device
US10021349 Conference migration method, apparatus, and system
US10021350 Automated personnel screening system and method
US10021351 Stereoscopic video imaging
US10021353 Optimizing detection of known light sources
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