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US10021354 Electric vehicle charging station with integrated camera
US10021355 Method and device for processing request
US10021356 Method and apparatus for wide-band imaging based on narrow-band image data
US10021357 Image capturing apparatus and method for generating image data
US10021358 Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and signal processing method
US10021359 Discharge lamp lighting device, light source device, and image formation device
US10021360 Image displaying system
US10021361 Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and program
US10021362 Image processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing computer program, and image processing method using hysteresis to calculate gain
US10021363 Method and apparatus for processing source image to generate target image
US10021364 Method of building stereoscopic model with kalman filtering
US10021365 Method and system for operating a set-top-box
US10021366 Image process apparatus
US10021367 Method and apparatus of inter-view candidate derivation for three-dimensional video coding
US10021368 3D camera assembly having a bracket for cameras and mobile terminal having the same
US10021370 Inspection device controlled processing line system
US10021371 Method and apparatus for gross-level user and input detection using similar or dissimilar camera pair
US10021372 Systems and methods for improved depth sensing
US10021373 Distributing video among multiple display zones
US10021374 Camera system and camera control method
US10021375 Display device and method of driving the same
US10021376 Three-dimensional display device
US10021377 Combining 3D video and auxiliary data that is provided when not reveived
US10021378 Display apparatus and operation method thereof
US10021379 Six degree-of-freedom triangulation scanner and camera for augmented reality
US10021380 Faster state transitioning for continuous adjustable 3Deeps filter spectacles using multi-layered variable tint materials
US10021381 Camera pose estimation
US10021382 Calibrating a one-dimensional coded light 3D acquisition system
US10021383 Method and system for structural similarity based perceptual video coding
US10021384 Method and device for encoding intra prediction mode for image prediction unit, and method and device for decoding intra prediction mode for image prediction unit
US10021385 Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
US10021386 Image processing device which predicts an image by referring a reference image of an allocated index
US10021387 Performance and bandwidth efficient fractional motion estimation
US10021388 Video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using the same
US10021389 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
US10021390 Multiple color channel multiple regression predictor
US10021391 Method and apparatus for encoding of video using depth information
US10021393 Entropy coding of motion vector differences
US10021394 Hypothetical reference decoder parameters in video coding
US10021395 Methods and apparatus for model-based visual descriptors compression
US10021397 Semiconductor device
US10021398 Adaptive tile data size coding for video and image compression
US10021399 Video encoding method and video encoding for signaling SAO parameters
US10021402 Estimation of video quality of experience on media servers
US10021403 Method, apparatus and system for predicting a block of video samples
US10021405 Encoding device, decoding device, and image processing device
US10021406 Scalable video coding method and apparatus using inter prediction mode
US10021407 Field programmable object array having image processing circuitry
US10021408 Video codec and motion estimation method
US10021409 Apparatuses and methods for estimating bitstream bit counts
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