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US10021410 Image coding method, image decoding method, memory managing method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, memory managing apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
US10021411 Techniques in backwards compatible multi-layer compression of HDR video
US10021412 Methods and apparatus for adaptive motion vector candidate ordering for video encoding and decoding
US10021413 Apparatus and method for video data processing
US10021414 Bitstream constraints and motion vector restriction for inter-view or inter-layer reference pictures
US10021415 Image coding method including reference list reordering information for indicating details of reordering pictures included in a reference list
US10021416 Method, apparatus, and bitstream for generating reconstructed blocks using filter for intra prediction mode
US10021417 Method and device for processing video signal
US10021418 Method and apparatus of candidate generation for single sample mode in video coding
US10021419 Rice parameter initialization for coefficient level coding in video coding process
US10021420 Method and apparatus for entropy encoding/decoding a transform coefficient
US10021422 Method and apparatus for image encoding/decoding
US10021423 Method and apparatus to perform correlation-based entropy removal from quantized still images or quantized time-varying video sequences in transform
US10021424 Adaptive coding of a prediction error in hybrid video coding
US10021426 Multi-layer integrated unequal error protection with optimal parameter determination for video quality granularity-oriented transmissions
US10021427 Image processing method and apparatus
US10021428 Simplifications for boundary strength derivation in deblocking
US10021429 Selection of a content source based on performance data
US10021430 Method and system for distribution of media
US10021431 Mobile computing device having video-in-video real-time broadcasting capability
US10021432 Time series data encoding apparatus, method, and program, and time series data re-encoding apparatus, method, and program
US10021434 Movie package file format
US10021435 Method and system for datacasting and content management
US10021436 Storage of tags in video for carriage in real-time
US10021437 Method and system for discontinuing a channel stream in a multi-terminal system
US10021438 Synchronizing playback of segmented video content across multiple video playback devices
US10021439 Temporary subscription access via an alternate television receiver
US10021440 Agnostic media delivery system
US10021441 Method and apparatus for managing provision of media programs directly from content providers
US10021442 Systems and methods for causing a stunt switcher to run a bug-removal DVE
US10021443 Personal video recorder systems and methods
US10021444 Using closed captioning elements as reference locations
US10021445 Automatic synchronization of subtitles based on audio fingerprinting
US10021447 Receiving apparatus and control method thereof
US10021448 Sports bar mode automatic viewing determination
US10021449 Licensed and unlicensed spectrum set-top box
US10021450 Advance decryption key acquisition for streaming media content
US10021451 Method for outputting audio and electronic device for the same
US10021452 System and method for delivering interactive trigger events
US10021453 Video content providing apparatus, control method thereof and system
US10021454 Method and apparatus for providing personalized content
US10021455 System for identifying content and determining viewership thereof and associated methods
US10021456 Coordination of multiple devices for delivery of multiple services
US10021457 System and method for engaging a person in the presence of ambient audio
US10021458 Electronic commerce functionality in video overlays
US10021459 Computerized system and method for determining media based on selected motion video inputs
US10021460 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof
US10021461 Systems and methods for performing an action based on context of a feature in a media asset
US10021462 Content distribution and encoder testing techniques
US10021463 Methods and apparatus to provide voice communication error notifications
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