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US10021515 Method and system for location estimation
US10021517 Control based on geo-dependent conditions
US10021518 Smart group mobility positioning and sharing
US10021520 User or automated selection of enhanced geo-fencing
US10021521 Dynamically updating the location of mobile wireless repeaters
US10021522 Tracking devices, systems and methods using patch packages with embedded electronic circuits
US10021524 Displaying location-based images that match the weather conditions
US10021527 GPS sensor control
US10021528 Providing specification of a location of a communication device
US10021529 Calibration of wireless network's signal strength map database for indoor locating techniques
US10021530 Occupancy system and method for detecting presence of individuals in a plurality of defined areas or rooms
US10021531 Method and hand luggage trolley for facilitating a flow of passengers in an airport terminal
US10021532 Tow and emergency roadside assistance locating and tracking mobile application
US10021533 Group messaging in a communication network
US10021534 Method for increasing multicast throughput in a single-hop multi-channel wireless network
US10021535 Apparatus and method for sending and receiving broadcast signals
US10021536 Communication control method and user terminal for selecting a D2D synchronization reference
US10021537 Wireless communication network system and method for determining representative sensor device
US10021538 Coordination and provision of non-interfering long-range low-power wireless communications
US10021539 Priority talkgroups
US10021540 Voice connectivity of push-to-talk clients
US10021541 Directional messaging among mobile devices
US10021542 Providing access to applications with varying enrollment levels
US10021543 Short message service reading method and device
US10021544 Dual SIM dual standby with caller ID enhancement
US10021545 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system using relay
US10021546 Method and system for family plan sharing of wireless services
US10021547 Management for data transmission of applications
US10021548 Coding and filtering for machine-type communication
US10021549 Service layer resource propagation across domains
US10021550 Wireless bedding machine control system
US10021551 Centralized management of distributed systems with off line components
US10021552 Route management
US10021553 Method of updating a location information representing a physical location of a communication device, a computer program product for executing the method, and a communication system for updating the location information
US10021554 Wireless discovery location and ranging
US10021555 Method and apparatus for proximity discovery for device-to-device communication
US10021556 Automatic seamless context sharing across multiple devices
US10021557 Universal GUTI for simplified device onboarding
US10021558 System and methods for using embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) provisioning processes to provide and activate device configuration packages on a wireless communication device
US10021559 Supporting multiple concurrent service contexts with a single connectivity context
US10021560 Method and system for selective and secure interaction of BYOD (bring your own device) with enterprise network through mobile wireless networks
US10021561 Method and apparatus for setting up communication connection
US10021562 Mobile trusted module (MTM)-based short message service security system and method thereof
US10021563 Enhanced authentication for provision of mobile services
US10021565 Integrated full and partial shutdown application programming interface
US10021566 Non-mobile authentication for mobile network gateway connectivity
US10021568 Subscriber identity module (SIM) for mobile stations
US10021569 Theme applying method and electronic device for performing the same
US10021570 Prioritization of mobile networks for proximity services
US10021571 Nomadic node attachment procedure
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