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US10021572 Resource sharing between radio access technologies
US10021573 Method and device for uplink transmission by using unlicensed spectrum
US10021574 Spectrum sharing method and apparatus
US10021575 Method and apparatus for incident task based allocation of service instances
US10021576 Selecting transmitter sites for line of sight service
US10021577 Mobile base station
US10021578 Local forwarding method and system for user plane data, and local gateway
US10021580 Mobile device validation
US10021581 Providing easy access to radio networks
US10021582 Delay estimation method and apparatus for multiple input multiple output communications system, and system
US10021583 Beam splitting systems and methods
US10021584 Reporting bandwidth measurements by a wireless device for cell reselection
US10021585 Method for measuring wireless communication state in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10021586 Pushing back packet not acknowledged by base station
US10021587 Congestion control in a transport network
US10021588 Methods and systems for reducing inbound request traffic in a wireless network
US10021589 Wireless data system that associates internet protocol ports with quality-of-service for user applications
US10021590 Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network for optimized user experience
US10021591 Limiting access to service providers based on the network traffic load of a wireless access point
US10021592 Reduced LTE baseband rate in cloud RAN
US10021593 Multiuser WiFi bandwidth allocation method and apparatus
US10021594 Methods and apparatus for optimizing tunneled traffic
US10021595 Aggregation procedures for a media access control layer
US10021596 Communication system, communication device, base station and method thereof for D2D communications
US10021597 Flow control in multi-RAT 5G wireless networks
US10021598 Method and apparatus for operating a timer for processing data blocks
US10021599 Channel and bandwidth switch procedures for wireless networks
US10021600 Backhaul traffic reliability in unlicensed bands using spectrum sensing and channel reservation
US10021601 Method and apparatus for accessing a random access channel by selectively using dedicated or contention based preambles during handover
US10021602 Multi-session transfer method, call control device, service continuity and continuity application server
US10021603 Methods for handling a connection status
US10021604 Radio network controller and method therein for handing over a user equipment from UTRAN to E-UTRAN
US10021605 Non-interrupted handoff of real-time network-distributed services
US10021606 Disabling relay base station handover based on serving base station capabilities
US10021607 Measurement configuration processing method and device
US10021608 Radio network node, and method for determining whether a wireless device is a suitable candidate for handover to a target cell for load balancing reasons
US10021609 Method and system for selecting a communication interface
US10021610 Systems and methods of managing communication endpoints
US10021611 Method and apparatus for establishing cellular session in wireless communication system
US10021612 Method and system for realizing function by causing elements of hardware or software to perform linkage operation
US10021613 Method and system for controlling operation of a user equipment device based on whether the user equipment device's serving base station is a relay base station
US10021615 Satellite channel and LTE coexistence
US10021616 Traffic management of wireless devices attached to a relay node
US10021617 Method and apparatus for performing, by terminal in WLAN interworking operation, handover
US10021618 Apparatus and method for cloud assisted wireless mobility
US10021619 Mobile cellular networks
US10021620 Relay signaling between UE and network
US10021621 UE-to-UE relay list and determination of floor arbitrator
US10021622 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and storage medium
US10021623 SIM whitelisting and multi-operator core networks
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