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US10016455 Method of preventing or treating influenza with oxidative reductive potential water solution
US10016456 Methods for treating acne vulgaris
US10016457 Composites of hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate and related methods of preparation and use
US10016458 P53 silenced endothelial progenitor cells for diabetes
US10016459 Platelet-rich plasma derived from human umbilical cord blood
US10016460 Method of inducing cellular growth and materials for use therewith
US10016461 Apparatus and process for growing a heart valve in three-dimensions
US10016462 Adult cardiac stem cell population
US10016463 Treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with prostacyclin-treated endothelial progenitor cells
US10016464 Amniotic membrane hydrogel and methods of making
US10016465 Cured gel and method of making
US10016466 Topical medicament for skin and mucosal injuries associated with Epidermolisis bullosa
US10016467 Formulations of viable cells for oral delivery
US10016468 Method and compositions for treating cancer using probiotics
US10016469 Composition comprising antifungal agents for treating vulvovaginitis and vaginosis
US10016470 Oncolytic adenoviruses for cancer treatment
US10016471 Solid pharmaceutical compositions of brown algae
US10016472 Methods of mitigating the negative effects of resistance exercise
US10016473 Method, apparatus, and kit for the pulsing treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and impairments
US10016474 Plant extract, compositions containing same, method of extraction and uses thereof
US10016475 Composition for preventing, improving, or treating immune diseases comprising natural extracts as active ingredients
US10016476 Nutrient combinations for affecting an aging process
US10016477 Natural composition
US10016478 Combinations of extracts of serenoa repens and lipophilic extracts of zingiber officinalis and echinacea angustifolia, the use thereof, and formulations containing them
US10016479 Dosing regimens for echinocandin class compounds
US10016480 Peptide-based methods for treating pancreatic cancer
US10016481 Sensation-improving agent
US10016483 Methods for preventing or treating certain disorders by inhibiting binding of IL-4 and/or IL-13 to their respective receptors
US10016484 Methods of treating lung cancer
US10016485 Methods and use of growth hormone supergene family protein analogs for treatment of radiation exposure
US10016486 Methods and compositions using AMPK activators for pharmacological prevention of chronic pain
US10016487 Process for purifying lactoferrin from milk and products thereof
US10016488 Nitric oxide synthase nanoparticles for treatment of vascular disease
US10016489 Methods and compositions for treating diseases
US10016490 Multiple-enzyme nanocomplexes
US10016491 Soluble glycosaminoglycanases and methods of preparing and using soluble glycosaminoglycanases
US10016492 Methods for extracting a tooth
US10016493 Compositions and methods of enhancing immune responses to Eimeria
US10016494 Antigenic epitopes from EBV gp350/220 and uses thereof
US10016496 Respiratory syncytial virus F protein epitopes
US10016497 MERS-CoV vaccine
US10016498 D-amino acid derivative-modified peptidoglycan and methods of use thereof
US10016499 Multifunctional metal nanoparticles having a polydopamine-based surface and methods of making and using the same
US10016500 Poloxamer-based pharmaceutical compositions for treating wounds
US10016501 Cationic antiseptic compositions and methods of use
US10016502 Patch preparation containing an acid scavenger
US10016503 Immunogenic composition of killed Leptospira bacteria
US10016504 Compositions
US10016505 Biomaterials for delivery of blood extracts and methods of using same
US10016506 Method for producing hydrogel, method for enveloping envelopment target, and method for releasing envelopment target
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