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US10021624 Device and method of handling network feature
US10021625 Broadcast information block assistance for a wireless device
US10021626 Apparatus, devices and methods for content distribution and access via object-motion tracking using a wireless communications network
US10021627 Communication device, communication method, and storage medium
US10021628 Preventing a mobile device from repeating a request toward a mobile network
US10021629 Method for transiting status of network node upon request of user equipment in multi-radio access technology environment, and apparatus therefor
US10021630 Method and apparatus for providing access to a packet data network
US10021632 Cell search and connection procedures in a cellular communication device
US10021633 Method, apparatus, and system for accessing to a mobile communication network
US10021634 Method and device for switching SIM cards of communication terminal and computer storage medium
US10021635 Transmission of information to a UE for promoting the selection of a particular cell
US10021636 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for configuring and collecting information from sleepy devices
US10021637 Communication system
US10021638 Communicating with an enhanced new carrier type
US10021639 Network node and method performed thereby for controlling operation of a low power node
US10021640 Method for receiving D2D discovery information and apparatus
US10021641 Electronic device with wireless power transfer and reduced power consumption
US10021642 Timing control method and communication device
US10021643 User plane IDLE mode buffering within software defined network architecture
US10021644 Network discovery
US10021645 Automatic delivery traffic indication message interval control for better mobile power save performance
US10021646 Communication apparatus, method of controlling a communication apparatus, and storage medium
US10021647 Method for transmitting data in a network
US10021648 Wireless device transfer to a power saving mode
US10021649 C-DRX modification based on mobility and signal conditions
US10021650 WLAN system with opportunistic transitioning to a low power state for power management
US10021651 Terminal device, base station apparatus, and communication method
US10021652 Remote antenna compensation
US10021653 Transmit power determining method and apparatus
US10021654 Method for controlling power and apparatus therefor in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication
US10021655 Systems and methods for wireless link balancing in wireless networks
US10021656 Access point transmit stream polarization diversity
US10021657 Radio frequency identification modes in patient monitoring
US10021658 Method and apparatus for configuring power headroom information in mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
US10021659 Synchronization of distributed nodes in wireless systems
US10021660 IoE device awake scheduling and discovery
US10021661 Meshed GPS time synchronized network
US10021662 Base station time synchronization in a wireless network
US10021663 Method and device for realizing data transmission
US10021664 Method for mobile communication system, mobile communication system, mobile terminal, network node, and PGW
US10021665 Processing requests in communication session
US10021667 Positioning in beamformed communications
US10021668 Wireless characteristic display apparatus, wireless characteristic display method, and computer readable medium
US10021669 Techniques for tracking destinations on a mobile computing device
US10021670 Method and apparatus for notification control for a vehicle
US10021671 Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
US10021672 Resource allocation based on available resources via interactive interface
US10021673 Mechanisms for optimizing communications band selection depending on ongoing quality of service
US10021674 Method and device of transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
US10021675 Terminal device, base station device, and communication method
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