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US10021676 Method and apparatus for processing uplink data by DRX-mode terminal in mobile telecommunication system
US10021677 Two-stage PDCCH with DCI flag and DCI format size indicator
US10021678 Device and associated methodology for management of resource pools of resources used in device-to-device communications
US10021679 Terminal device, base station apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method
US10021680 Method and apparatus for utilizing multiple carriers in high speed packet access communications technical field
US10021681 User equipment, network node and methods therein for determining a transport block size in downlink transmissions in a telecommunications system
US10021684 MU-MIMO in mmwave systems
US10021685 Techniques for allocating resources in low latency wireless communications
US10021686 Scheduling traffic based on acknowledgment bundling
US10021687 Wireless communication device
US10021688 Managing pending acknowledgement packets in a communication device
US10021689 Mobile communications network, communications device and methods
US10021690 Multi-path transmission control protocol connections
US10021691 Frequency allocation based on group delay variation
US10021692 Mobile communication method and radio base station
US10021693 Method and system for invoking uplink coverage boosting in response to threshold low power headroom and threshold low downlink receive signal strength
US10021694 Multiple network allocation vector operation
US10021695 Apparatus and method for generating and transmitting data frames
US10021696 Data caching at the edge of a mobile data network
US10021697 Multi-tiered shared access operation
US10021698 Systems and methods for delivering messages via SMPP bridge for multiple delivery channels
US10021699 Method and apparatus for transmitting signal from device-to-device terminal in wireless communication system
US10021700 Method for uplink-downlink interference mitigation in heterogeneous network
US10021701 Wireless communication method and wireless communication device
US10021702 Measurement-assisted dynamic frequency-reuse in cellular telecommunications networks
US10021703 Methods of incorporating an ad hoc cellular network into a fixed cellular network
US10021704 System and method for toggling transmission parameters in a heterogeneous network
US10021705 Carrier measurements for multi-carrier devices
US10021707 Control device, control method, and base station
US10021708 Device and method for link adaptation in a wireless network
US10021709 Method for determining priorities of services and wireless equipment thereof
US10021710 System and method for supporting coexistence of multiple radio
US10021711 Methods and apparatus for reducing resource contention
US10021712 Techniques for configuring reference signals in low latentcy wireless communications
US10021713 Systems and methods for scheduling wireless transmissions based on service provider
US10021714 Mobile communication system and user terminal
US10021715 Multiplexing resource element groups for control channel elements of control channels
US10021716 Method for solving conflicts in scheduling cell broadcast message reception and idle mode tasks of a mobile device
US10021717 Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system for configuring transmission of sounding reference signals
US10021718 Method and device for sending or acquiring grant signaling
US10021719 Method and apparatus for data transmission
US10021720 Method for establishing millimetric wave radio communication link and terminal device
US10021721 Transmission control method
US10021722 Method and device for receiving frame in wireless LAN
US10021723 Random access method and system
US10021724 Method of wirelessly connecting at least two devices and wirelessly connectable device using the method
US10021725 Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing interworking gateway
US10021726 Method and device for implementing proximity communication service
US10021727 Near field communication (NFC) data transfer
US10021728 Mobile terminated call improvements
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