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US10021729 Uninterrupted transmission of internet protocol transmissions during endpoint changes
US10021730 System and method for accessing broadband connectivity over local wireless network
US10021731 Home interior monitoring system and communication control method
US10021732 Network access method, device, and system
US10021733 Systems and methods for establishing a communication link between an implantable medical device and an external instrument
US10021734 Cooperative communication processing method, eNB, and system
US10021735 Viral molecular network architecture and design
US10021736 Skip RX during SBS transmission
US10021737 Techniques for determining common characteristics of groups of wireless access points
US10021738 Method of providing data, voice, and SMS services to LTE subscribers roaming in 2G/3G visited networks
US10021739 Trimmable heater
US10021740 Microwave cooking oven with an adjusting device for adjusting a microwave shield
US10021741 Flexible organic light emitting display device
US10021743 Light devices having controllable light emitting elements
US10021744 Dual output power converter and method for operating a dual output power converter
US10021745 LED dimming with slow data channel transmission
US10021746 LED lighting circuit with controllable LED matrix
US10021747 High power, sinusoidal LED driver with temperature stabilization feedback and photomultiplier system
US10021748 Notification appliance
US10021749 Phase control dimmer circuit with short-circuit protection
US10021750 Light source device and control method thereof, backlight module and liquid crystal display device
US10021751 Lighting system and method for PWM adjustable current control
US10021752 Lighting method and lighting device
US10021753 Linear solid-state lighting with front end electric shock detection
US10021754 Two-channel LED driver with short circuit protection and short circuit protection method for two-channel LED driver
US10021755 Lighting device and luminaire
US10021756 Over-temperature handling for lighting device
US10021759 Pixel unit driving circuit and driving method, and display apparatus
US10021760 Organic light emitting display device
US10021761 System and method for producing light in a liquid media
US10021762 Display device
US10021763 Bezel-free display device formed by using flexible wires and manufacturing method therefor
US10021764 Remote audiovisual communication system between two or more users, lamp with lights with luminous characteristics which can vary according to external information sources, specifically of audio type, and associated communication method
US10021765 Intelligent switch device and central control system thereof
US10021766 Controller for a horticultural lighting system
US10021767 Zone based lighting access
US10021768 Lighting apparatus
US10021769 Light driving apparatus and light control system
US10021770 Wireless lighting control system
US10021771 System and method for automatically creating and operating a functional association of lights
US10021772 Electro-static discharge protection structure and electronic device
US10021773 Laser produced plasma light source having a target material coated on a cylindrically-symmetric element
US10021774 Magnetic field compensation in a linear accelerator
US10021775 Circuit board and fan frame connection structure
US10021776 Component carrier and component carrier arrangement
US10021777 Temperature-based data refreshing
US10021778 Display module having different curvature design
US10021779 Quick response particle damper for printed circuit boards and planar surfaces
US10021780 Wired circuit board and producing method thereof
US10021781 Thin circuit board having wall for solder material
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