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US10016507 Solubilized compositions for controlled proliferation of stem cells / generating inner ear hair cells using GSK3 inhibitors: III
US10016508 Composition for hot-melt extrusion and method for producing hot-melt extrusion product using same
US10016509 Nutritional supplement compositions containing C60-fullerene-phytonutrient-triglyceride complexes for sub-cellular phytonutrient delivery
US10016511 Small molecule drug conjugates
US10016512 Immobilised biological entities
US10016513 Stabilizing excipients for therapeutic protein formulations
US10016514 Polynucleotides, vectors and methods for insertion and expression of transgenes
US10016515 DMA, a bis-benzimidazole, confers radioprotection to the intestine via Akt/NFκB dual pathway activation
US10016517 Bioactive amphiphilic polymer stabilized nanoparticles with enhanced stability and activity
US10016518 Inflammation imaging and therapy
US10016519 18F-tagged inhibitors of prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA), their use as imaging agents and pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of prostate cancer
US10016520 Compound and pharmaceutical composition for tumor imaging and tumor therapy
US10016521 Spect radionuclide-labeled trimeric cycle RGD peptide, preparation method thereof and imaging method thereof
US10016522 Vaginal preparation for the diagnosis of human female uterotubal patency and function for the purpose of fertilization of gametes
US10016523 Device for the diffusion of volatile substances
US10016524 Prefabricated alginate-drug bandages
US10016526 Paste-powder dual polymer-based bone cement and injection apparatus for same
US10016527 Materials and methods for repair of cartilage defects
US10016528 Biologic prosthesis and methods of production and use
US10016529 Biomaterial compositions, implants, and methods of making the same
US10016530 Implant made of a biodegradable magnesium alloy
US10016531 Method for electrospinning a graft layer
US10016532 Non-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-thrombogenic graft compositions
US10016533 Plasma modified medical devices and methods
US10016534 Protein biomaterial and biocoacervate vessel graft systems and methods of making and using thereof
US10016535 Medical devices
US10016536 Compositions and devices incorporating water-insoluble therapeutic agents and methods of the use thereof
US10016537 Chlorhexidine gluconate compositions, resin systems and article
US10016538 System and method for managing reduced pressure at a tissue site
US10016539 Manually powered, regulated, negative pressure pump with adapter for external pressure source
US10016540 Modular surgical fluid control system and related methods
US10016541 Leak-resistant bandage systems and methods with hydrophilic foam wound insert for fluid-instillation and/or negative-pressure wound therapies
US10016542 Collapsible canister for use with reduced pressure therapy device
US10016543 Disposable reduced-pressure therapy system with electronic feedback
US10016544 Dressing with differentially sized perforations
US10016546 Suction device
US10016547 Foolproof valve assembly for a breast milk collector
US10016548 Breast pump
US10016549 Alert on a dialysis machine
US10016550 Portable hemodialysis assembly with ammonia sensor
US10016551 Method of displaying a predicted state, medical apparatus and computer program
US10016552 Method of ultrasonic degassing of liquids for dialysis
US10016554 Dialysis system including wireless patient data
US10016555 Dialysis bloodline set and method of use
US10016556 Rotatable electrical connectors
US10016557 Safety medical connector
US10016558 Medical device comprising a visual and an audio alarm signal generator
US10016559 Advanced step therapy delivery for an ambulatory infusion pump and system
US10016560 Fluid management systems for surgical procedures
US10016561 Clinical variable determination
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