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US10016676 Processing system, information processing apparatus, control method, program and storage medium
US10016677 Remote control of a first user's session by a second user
US10016678 Storage medium storing movement controlling program and movement controlling apparatus
US10016679 Multiple frame distributed rendering of interactive content
US10016680 Apparatus and method for displaying player character showing special movement state in network game
US10016681 Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon information processing program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
US10016682 In-game building that receives stat boosts from troops
US10016683 Real time physical reality immersive experiences having gamification of actions taken in physical reality
US10016684 Secure geographic based gaming
US10016685 Terminal apparatus, control method therefor, computer-readable recording medium, and application system
US10016686 Game control device, game control method, a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and game system
US10016687 Game system, server device, control method for server device, program, and information recording medium
US10016688 Secondary-game-mode sessions based on primary-game-mode arrangements of user-controlled elements
US10016689 Synchronized video with in game telemetry
US10016690 Vehicle for rotating carousel
US10016691 Water bucket games, systems, and methods
US10016692 Water amusement ride
US10016693 Handheld spinner toy with stationery item
US10016694 Method and system for designing and producing a user-defined toy construction element
US10016695 Portable playmat with inflatable elements
US10016696 Paint frame adapted for disassembly and storage
US10016697 Apparatus and method for liquid purification
US10016698 Polymer solution concentrator machine and devolatilization process
US10016699 Distillation column
US10016700 Multifunctional continuous phase transition extraction apparatus
US10016701 Recovery of halogens by partial condensation
US10016702 Removal device for micro-bubbles and dirt particles
US10016703 Parallel flow channel type filter cartridge
US10016704 Filtration system, having a deformable wall
US10016705 Water filtration device for purifying water
US10016706 Disk type filtering apparatus
US10016707 Pipeline strainer
US10016709 Pipeline strainer with cleaning tool
US10016710 Filter apparatus for a liquid vessel, in particular for aqueous urea solution
US10016711 Installation of correct filter cartridge in fluid filter assembly before allowing assembly to be completed
US10016712 Portable system and methodology that facilitates dust collection within a silo apparatus
US10016713 Vacuum installation
US10016714 Systems and methods for removing mercury from emissions
US10016715 Apparatus and systems having an encased adsorbent contactor and swing adsorption processes related thereto
US10016716 Swing adsorber and process cycle for fluid separations
US10016717 Adsorbing contaminants from a gas stream
US10016718 Gas absorbing and regenerating apparatus and method for operating same
US10016719 Reducing fouling in amine systems
US10016720 Oxygen sensing for fuel tank inerting system
US10016721 Ammonia-based desufurization process and apparatus
US10016722 Thermal power plant exhaust purification device
US10016723 Method for the catalytic removal of sulphur dioxide from waste gases
US10016724 Purification method and purification apparatus for off-gas
US10016725 Ionic liquid for forward osmosis process and forward osmosis process
US10016726 Purification process for partly-hydrolyzed cellulose
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