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US10016828 Cutting insert and milling tool
US10016829 Method for dressing a multithread grinding worm
US10016830 Support system for tools
US10016831 Wire electric discharge machine
US10016832 Machining path drawing apparatus for wire electric discharge machine
US10016833 Solder ball mounter
US10016834 Welding torch detector and welding robot system
US10016835 Method for grinding electrode tip
US10016837 Method of joining heat-treatable aluminum alloy members by friction stir welding
US10016838 Friction stir welding tool
US10016839 Friction stir welding tool and a method of fabricating the same
US10016840 Fabrication of pipe strings using friction stir welding
US10016841 Laser surface treatment method and laser surface treatment apparatus with radiating the surface to be treated along an acute angle
US10016842 Method for carrying out precise laser cuttings on a ribbon sheet and apparatus to carry out the method
US10016843 Systems and methods for reducing pulsed laser beam profile non-uniformities for laser annealing
US10016844 Chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination remediation with lasers
US10016845 Method and device for generating a jet of fluid for material processing and fluid nozzle for use in said device
US10016846 System, method, and apparatus for repair of components
US10016847 Method and device for cutting wound hoses
US10016848 Metal particles having intermetallic compound nano-composite structure crystal
US10016849 Method for welding a weld-on element onto a counterpart
US10016851 Clamping apparatus for a level
US10016852 Apparatuses and methods for additive manufacturing
US10016853 Deep trailing edge repair
US10016855 Method for making valve device
US10016856 Method of rebuilding an EGR cooler
US10016857 Method of removing ineffective portion of flat heat pipe
US10016858 Manufacturing method for heat exchanger and device therefor, and air conditioner and/or external unit thereof equipped with heat exchanger manufactured using said method
US10016859 Manufacturing method of thermal module assembling structure
US10016860 Manufacturing process for thermosiphon heat exchanger
US10016861 Apparatus of aligning and assembling
US10016862 Measurement apparatus, calculation method, system, and method of manufacturing article
US10016863 Machine assembly, production machine with machine assembly, use and method for producing rotation components
US10016864 System and method of securing a component in position for machining using a fixture assembly
US10016865 Positioning workpieces by clamping devices
US10016866 Adjustable part holding fixture, system and method
US10016867 Retention knob for tool holder
US10016868 Dust and debris collection system for woodworking routers
US10016869 Device for sharpening blades
US10016870 Handhold sharpening tool
US10016871 Polishing apparatus and controlling the same
US10016872 Method for producing a mirror substrate blank of titanium-doped silica glass for EUV lithography, and system for determining the position of defects in a blank
US10016873 Diamond enhanced insert with controlled diamond frame strength
US10016874 Process for the production of a cup wheel
US10016875 Abrasive film fabrication method and abrasive film
US10016876 Methods of forming polycrystalline compacts and earth-boring tools including polycrystalline compacts
US10016877 Printed chemical mechanical polishing pad having abrasives therein and system for printing
US10016878 Pneumatically operable work tool
US10016879 Adjustable wrench with reinforced structure
US10016880 Selectively one-way wrench
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