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US10017035 System and method for controlling a multi-axle work vehicle based on axle loading
US10017036 Protecting device of battery for electrical automobile
US10017037 Vehicle having a battery pack directly attached to the cross rails of a frame structure
US10017038 Turbojet automobile
US10017039 Vehicle platooning with a hybrid electric vehicle system
US10017040 Drive unit for a hybrid vehicle
US10017041 Power transmission structure of vehicle
US10017042 Control system for hybrid vehicle
US10017043 Electric drive
US10017044 Hybrid powertrain system
US10017045 Transmission for a hybrid powertrain
US10017046 Device for controlling the flow rate of a flow of air for a motor vehicle
US10017047 Method and system for diagnosing an active grill shutter system fault in a hybrid electric vehicle
US10017048 Active grille shutter for curved surface
US10017049 Vent valve, tank having vent valve, and method
US10017050 Valve device
US10017051 Tank filler neck for a vehicle with improved sealing
US10017052 Fuel inlet
US10017053 Fluid turbine systems for harnessing light radiant energy, thermal energy and kinetic energy in vehicles and methods of operating thereof
US10017054 Electric wheel, remote controller and vehicle comprising the electric wheel
US10017055 Method for controlling air conditioner based on energy flow mode of vehicle
US10017056 Electric vehicles with removable homopolar generators for increased driving distances
US10017057 Apparatus and method for charging and discharging a dual battery system
US10017058 Automobile
US10017059 Vehicle
US10017060 Systems and methods supporting periodic exchange of power supplies in underwater vehicles or other devices
US10017061 Charging system with luminescent portion
US10017062 Electric charging device, electric connection device, system and method for charging a battery of a vehicle
US10017063 Electrical distributor arrangement
US10017064 Isolated high precision pilot voltage generating circuit and electric vehicle supply equipment including the same
US10017065 Power reception device and vehicle including the same
US10017066 Method and system for connecting/disconnecting an electric vehicle to/from a charging terminal
US10017067 Method for ensuring functional reliability in electromobility by means of digital certificates
US10017068 Charging of a fleet of electric vehicles
US10017069 Method for controlling battery output
US10017070 Method for automatically recognizing controllers in battery management systems
US10017071 Method and system for diagnosing contactor health in a high-voltage electrical system
US10017072 Method for the temperature control of a traction battery arranged in a vehicle during a charging process at a charging station, and charging station for performing such a method
US10017073 Coolant channels for power module assemblies
US10017074 System for piloting an electric motor in electric motorcycles or the like
US10017075 Device for controlling electric automobile
US10017076 Apparatus and method for controlling motor for vehicle
US10017077 Track support of an electric power system at ground level for land vehicles, rail comprising such a track support and method of installation
US10017078 Relocatable/replaceable pad for accurate vehicle occupant weight measurement
US10017079 Seat attachment structure in a motor vehicle
US10017080 Single spring for manual recline
US10017081 Vehicle vibration device
US10017082 Shock mitigation apparatus
US10017083 Vehicle furniture
US10017084 Head rest for a motor vehicle
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