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US10017237 Unmanned aerial vehicle structures and methods
US10017238 Drained fluid evacuation stub for a propulsion assembly
US10017239 Dynamic conformal aerodynamic seal (CAS) for aircraft control surfaces
US10017240 Aircraft
US10017241 Shock absorber assembly for power drive unit of a vehicle
US10017242 Aircraft rudder pedal lockout assemblies systems and methods
US10017243 Adaptive trailing edge actuator system and method
US10017244 Method of fabricating a force transfer part having a lug made of composite material, and a part obtained by such a method
US10017245 Multirotor flying vehicle
US10017247 Rotor mast assembly
US10017248 Flapping wing aerial vehicles
US10017249 Ducted rotor unmanned aerial vehicles
US10017250 Reconfigurable vehicle doors
US10017251 Cargo restraint for aircraft
US10017252 Modular monument for transporting an item in a vehicle
US10017253 Aircraft cabin pressure assessment systems and methods
US10017254 Cruciform water distribution valve for aircraft galley plumbing system
US10017255 Power/data outlet adjustable seat bracket
US10017256 Armrest pivot guard
US10017257 Combined VOC—O2—CO2 treatment system
US10017258 Compressor mount bracket for aircraft cabin air supply system
US10017259 De-icing splitter for an axial turbine engine compressor
US10017260 Nacelles for aircraft engines with de-icing systems using a two-phase fluid
US10017261 Electric redundant circuit
US10017262 Pulsed deicing system
US10017263 Model based contact predictor
US10017264 Aircraft and method of fitting out such an aircraft
US10017265 Replaceable power modules on aerial vehicles
US10017266 Power generation and distribution for vehicle propulsion
US10017267 Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising a primary structure of a mounting pylon equipped with a box extension comprising two parts in the overall shape of an arch
US10017268 Method of monitoring at least one freewheel of a rotary wing aircraft, and an aircraft
US10017269 Systems for generating auxiliary electrical power for jet aircraft propulsion systems
US10017270 Aft engine for an aircraft
US10017271 Methods of three dimensional (3D) airflow sensing and analysis
US10017272 Local electronic environmental detection device
US10017273 Aircraft wing flap skew detection systems and methods
US10017274 Exterior helicopter light unit and method of operating an exterior helicopter light unit
US10017275 Cross bracket for aircraft cabin air supply system
US10017276 Servicing assisting system for shock struts with negative dead volume
US10017277 Apparatus, system, and method for supporting a wing assembly
US10017278 Gyroscopic orbiter with vertical takeoff and vertical landing capabilities
US10017279 Space vehicle comprising posts for forming a stack, stack comprising at least two such vehicles placed in a launcher, and method for releasing the vehicles
US10017280 Tote for separate items
US10017281 Packing equipment with two restraining members
US10017282 Apparatus and method of forming a shipping unit from a plurality of boxes containing components
US10017283 Device and system for applying edge protectors on a strapped package
US10017284 Packing method and packing machine for producing a slide-open package of tobacco articles with a hinged lid
US10017285 Apparatus and method for grouping and positioning items
US10017286 Self closing and opening filling needle, needle holder, filler and method
US10017287 Package formed with a stepped sonotrode/anvil combination having energy director grids for narrow ultrasonic welds of improved durability
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