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US10017339 Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus adopting the same
US10017340 Sheet conveyance apparatus and sheet conveyance method
US10017341 Device for processing sheet material
US10017342 Paper sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus
US10017343 Image forming apparatus
US10017344 Image forming apparatus
US10017345 Device for cutting film-like media
US10017346 Apparatus and method for loading material used in the manufacture of absorbent articles
US10017347 Accompanying squeezing unit in a winding machine for plastic film
US10017348 Winding device and method for designing winding device
US10017350 Sheet processing apparatus that properly performs fold line processing, and image forming system
US10017351 Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming system
US10017352 Large diameter lay-flat hose spool apparatus and method
US10017353 Electrical cable reel module for a drone
US10017354 Control system for multicar elevator system
US10017355 Method of triggering a personalized elevator service based at least on sensor data
US10017356 Sheet metal guide rail for an elevator system
US10017357 Nodal point pressure-equalising device of steel rope sets for elevator
US10017358 Hydraulic elevator system and method
US10017359 Rack and roller pinion lift system
US10017360 Regenerative power capture system for endless track escalators and moving walkways
US10017361 Handrail drive for an escalator or a moving walkway
US10017362 Apparatus and method in connection with crane sheave
US10017363 Telescopic arm for self-propelled operating machines
US10017364 Traction winch
US10017365 Standing platform for an industrial truck
US10017366 Clamp having a load-clamping hydraulic cylinder with multiple telescopically extensible stages adapted to apply load clamping force alternatively responsive to load-lifting force or load size
US10017367 Industrial vehicle
US10017368 Cap gripper
US10017369 Machine, system, and method for filling container with pourable product
US10017370 Machine and method for filling containers
US10017371 Soft food and beverage dispenser
US10017373 Nitrogen generator and uses thereof
US10017374 Refueling system for supplying fuel to fracturing equipment
US10017375 Structures for reducing and preventing stress and tensions during processing of silicon with the aid of melting by a laser
US10017376 MEMS element including a stress decoupling structure and a component including such a MEMS element
US10017377 Protective coating on trench features of a wafer and method of fabrication thereof
US10017378 MEMS pressure sensor and microphone devices having through-vias and methods of forming same
US10017379 System and method for a MEMS transducer
US10017380 Combined laser drilling and the plasma etch method for the production of a micromechanical device and a micromechanical device
US10017381 Microfabricated pressure transducer
US10017382 MEMS integrated pressure sensor devices and methods of forming same
US10017383 Method of manufacturing MEMS switches with reduced switching voltage
US10017384 Property control of multifunctional surfaces
US10017385 Catalyst composition and method for producing hydrogen and preparation method thereof
US10017386 Spherical boron nitride fine particles and production method thereof
US10017387 Boron nitride fine particles and production method thereof
US10017388 Dihydrogen tetrametaphosphate, its derivatives, and preparation thereof
US10017389 CNT metal composite material, and method for producing same
US10017390 Polycrystalline diamond bodies incorporating fractionated distribution of diamond particles of different morphologies
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