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US10017391 Direct polymer templating synthesis of mesoporous carbon
US10017392 Articles and methods for administering CO2 into plants
US10017393 Method of fabricating array of nanoparticle clusters using thermal transformation of sublimable liquid crystal film
US10017394 Process for preparing a molecular sieve
US10017395 Ammonia synthesis catalyst and ammonia synthesis method
US10017396 Phosphors with narrow green emission
US10017397 Nanostructured titania semiconductor material and its production process
US10017398 Process to recover soluble carbon and nutrients from organic waste
US10017399 Apparatus, system and method for resource distribution
US10017400 Process and apparatus for multivalent ion desalination
US10017401 Aluminum-doped, iminodiacetic acid group-containing chelate resins
US10017403 Use of peracetic acid/hydrogen peroxide and peroxide-reducing enzymes for treatment of drilling fluids, frac fluids, flowback water and disposal water
US10017404 Method for treating condensed vapor streams containing odorous compounds
US10017405 Waste treatment system
US10017406 Upflow continuous backwash filter
US10017407 Process for manufacturing collagen and trace elements from sea water
US10017408 Method of evaporating produced water
US10017409 Treatment of water to extend half-life of ozone
US10017410 Method of fabricating a glass magnetic hard drive disk platter using filamentation by burst ultrafast laser pulses
US10017411 Methods of separating a glass web
US10017412 Ion exchangable glass with deep compressive layer and high damage threshold
US10017413 Doped silica-titania glass having low expansivity and methods of making the same
US10017414 White, opaque, β-spodumene glass-ceramic articles with tunable color and methods for making the same
US10017415 Vitroceramic plate
US10017416 Composite pane having a sun protection and a heat protection function
US10017417 Glass-based articles including a metal oxide concentration gradient
US10017418 Pozzolanic compositions containing fly ash and remediation agents for use in cementitious materials
US10017419 Composite fiber for the reinforcement of concrete
US10017421 Method for preparing active calcium silicate
US10017422 Regulator for regulating frequency-temperature characteristics of microwave dielectric ceramics and low temperature co-fired ceramic material comprising the same
US10017423 Method for preparing support of molecular sieve membrane
US10017424 Ceramic matrix composites and methods of making the same
US10017425 Methods and materials for forming in-situ cavities for silicon-based ceramic matrix composite components
US10017426 High density carbon-carbon friction materials
US10017427 Product comprising an oriented function and process for obtaining same
US10017428 Composition comprising ammonium nitrate-based particles and a gelling agent
US10017429 Methods of reducing ignition sensitivity of energetic materials
US10017430 Alkane-alkene coupling via tandem alkane-dehydrogenation/alkene-dimerization catalyzed by pincer iridium catalyst heterogenized on solid supports
US10017431 Process for co-producing C3 olefins, iC4 olefins, nC4 olefins and diolefins, and/or C5 olefins and diolefins
US10017432 Alkane oxidative dehydrogenation and/or alkene oxidation
US10017433 Transalkylated cyclohexylbenzyl and biphenyl compounds
US10017434 Membrane-based gas separation processes to separate dehydrogenation reaction products
US10017435 Process for the preparation of a phenylindan compound
US10017436 Method of making 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane
US10017437 Method for purifying fluorinated hydrocarbon compound
US10017438 Method and device system for producing dimethyl oxalate through carbonylation of industrial synthesis gas and producing ethylene glycol through dimethyl oxalate hydrogenation
US10017440 Method for controlling cleavage of hydroperoxides of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
US10017441 Direct anti-markovnikov addition of acids to alkenes
US10017443 Optimized separation technique for work-up of homogeneously catalysed hydroformylation mixtures
US10017444 Method for the purification of natural vanillin
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