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US10017608 Copolycarbonate and method for preparing the same
US10017609 Batch process for preparing polyamides
US10017610 Silicone-based thermal interface materials
US10017611 Process for the preparation of an aqueous emulsion of a midblock sulfonated block copolymer
US10017612 Rubber composition
US10017613 Method of producing carbon fiber-reinforced polyarylene sulfide
US10017614 Epoxy-resin composition for fiber-matrix semifinished products
US10017615 Curable composition and molded article comprising the composition
US10017616 Polyolefin-based resin wrap film and wrap film-encasing body
US10017617 Peroxide treated metallocene-based polyolefins with improved melt strength
US10017618 Extruded polystyrene foam and method for producing same
US10017619 Polypropylene resin foamed particles and method for producing same
US10017620 Method for manufacturing fibrous particles of polylactic acid resin, colloid composition for forming foam sheet, foam sheet, and method for manufacturing foam sheet
US10017621 Process for producing porous alginate-based aerogels
US10017622 Colored cross-linkable polycarbonate compositions
US10017623 Hydrolysis stabilizer for thermoplastic molding compositions
US10017624 Rheology modifying agents for slurries
US10017625 Rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition and tire
US10017626 Borosilicate nanoparticles and method for making the same
US10017627 Methacrylic resin composition
US10017628 Flame retarded thermoplastic moulding composition
US10017629 Polyethylene-2,6-naphthalate composition with excellent blow moldability, and molded product thereof
US10017630 Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic material with nanofiller mixed therein, and manufacturing method thereof
US10017631 Radar cover-use resin composition, and radar cover and radar apparatus obtained therefrom
US10017632 Functionalized graphene sheets having high carbon to oxygen ratios
US10017633 Method of measuring viscosity of gums
US10017634 Pneumatic tire and run-flat tire
US10017635 Thermoplastic resin composition and product formed therefrom
US10017636 Use of low molecular weight lignin together with lignin for the production of a phenol-formaldehyde binder composition
US10017637 Composition comprising a phenolic resin, composite material comprising such a composition and process for preparing a composite material
US10017639 Polyester-ether resin blends
US10017640 Halogen free flame retarded polycarbonate
US10017642 Polyamide resin composition, molded article, and method for manufacturing molded article
US10017643 Corona-resistant resin composition, method for developing corona resistance of resin composition, and corona-resistant member
US10017644 Metal azo pigments
US10017645 Metal azo pigments
US10017646 Composition for forming silica layer, method for manufacturing silica layer, and electric device including silica layer
US10017647 Material for surface treatment containing hollow glass bodies and silica, and its application
US10017648 Sag resistant, formaldehyde-free coated fibrous substrate
US10017649 Tunable materials
US10017650 Reactive surface coating having chemical decontamination and biocidal properties
US10017651 Composition of hydrophilic painted surface
US10017652 Additive for aqueous coating material for imparting distinctness of image to coating film
US10017653 Ink composition, ink jet recording method, and colored substance
US10017654 Aqueous inkjet ink for humidity-conditioning base material and method for producing decorated humidity-conditioning base material
US10017655 Silver-containing composition, and base for use in formation of silver element
US10017656 Image recording method, treatment liquid and ink set
US10017657 Binder composition and a paint formulation made thereof
US10017658 Aqueous coating composition, aqueous coating material kit and article having coated film
US10017659 Robust sealed electric terminal assembly
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