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US10017660 Resin composition, and prepreg and laminated sheet using the same
US10017661 Sealing and finishing porous panel products and methods of production
US10017662 Fire-resistant mosaic tesserae
US10017663 Polyurethane/acrylic hybrid for elastomeric wall coatings
US10017664 Novolac resin-containing resist underlayer film-forming composition using bisphenol aldehyde
US10017665 Process for preparing a stable aqueous dispersion of polyamide-imide which is free of carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, and application to coatings
US10017666 Polyimide resin composition and varnish produced from terminal-modified imide oligomer prepared using 2-phenyl-4,4′-diaminodiphenyl ether and thermoplastic aromatic polyimide prepared using oxydiphthalic acid, polyimide resin composition molded article and prepreg having excellent heat resistance and mechanical characteristic, and fiber-reinforced composite material thereof
US10017667 Article in cast iron comprising a vitreous coating and method of manufacturing such an article
US10017668 Surface-treating agent for vulcanized rubber
US10017669 Polishing composition, polishing method, and method for producing polishing composition
US10017670 Clean release, stretch releasable tape
US10017671 Additive for a starch adhesive composition
US10017672 Hot-melt adhesive agent
US10017673 Polymer fine particle-containing curable resin composition having improved bonding strength against impact peeling
US10017674 Moisture curable adhesive compositions
US10017675 Method for separating polishing material and regenerated polishing material
US10017676 Fiber blends
US10017677 Heat-conductive fluorinated curable composition, cured product thereof, and electric/electronic part
US10017678 Heat transfer fluid additive composition
US10017679 Plugging agent for improving formation bearing capacity and preparation method thereof
US10017680 Crosslinked N-vinylpyrrolidone polymers for use in subterranean formations and wells
US10017681 Corrosion inhibitors
US10017682 Natural oil-derived wellbore compositions and methods of use
US10017683 Internal polymeric breaker for viscoelastic surfactant-based fluids
US10017684 Method and compositions for hydraulic fracturing and for tracing formation water
US10017685 Controlled release granule with water resistant coating
US10017686 Proppant drying system and method
US10017687 Ultra-light ultra-strong proppants
US10017688 Resin coated proppants for water-reducing application
US10017689 Crush-resistant proppant particulates for use in subterranean formation operations
US10017690 Photochromatic composition for 3D printing
US10017691 Organic electroluminescent element, display device and lighting device
US10017692 Method for manufacturing quantum dots
US10017693 Method for suppressing corrosion of glass
US10017694 Liquid crystal medium containing 2,4-diflurophenyl compounds and use
US10017695 Fluorinated dibenzofuran and dibenzothiophene derivatives
US10017696 Thermosetting composition with photo-alignment property, alignment layer, substrate with alignment layer, retardation plate, and device
US10017698 Single solvent method and machine for separating bitumen from oil sand
US10017699 Process for recovering bitumen from froth treatment tailings
US10017700 Biomass pyrolysis reactor with integrated quench and method for converting biomass to liquid bio-oil
US10017701 Flare elimination process and methods of use
US10017702 Thermal cracking of crudes and heavy feeds to produce olefins in pyrolysis reactor
US10017703 Process intensification in hydroprocessing
US10017704 Integrated hydrotreating and steam pyrolysis system for direct processing of a crude oil
US10017705 Fuels hydrocracking with dewaxing of fuel products
US10017706 Additive for combustion enhancement of liquid hydrocarbon fuels
US10017707 Method and machine for the production of low emission biomass fuel composition from waste materials
US10017708 Lubricant and fuel dispersants and methods of preparation thereof
US10017709 Multiple function dispersant viscosity index improver
US10017710 Method of separating mannosylerythritol lipids
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