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US10017711 (6Z)-non-6-enenitrile as a fragrance and flavor material
US10017712 Method for producing vitamin E-enriched, especially tocotrienol-enriched, compositions from natural oils
US10017713 Fluorinated surfactant containing compositions
US10017715 Fabric softener
US10017716 Imidazole-modified carbohydrate polymers as laundry dye transfer inhibitors
US10017717 Heavy duty laundry detergent
US10017718 Synergistic stain removal through novel MGDA and GLDA chelator combination
US10017719 Detergent for medical instrumentation
US10017720 Sulfoperoxycarboxylic acids, their preparation and methods of use as bleaching and antimicrobial agents
US10017721 Detergent composition
US10017722 Fermentation cooling system
US10017723 Volatile organic compound recovery system and method
US10017724 Engineering of a novel breast tumor microenvironment on a microfluidic chip
US10017725 Culture vessel and method for culturing biological cells in hanging drops
US10017726 Ultrasonic method with short pulses for monitoring monolayers of cultured cells
US10017727 Method for fermentation and culture, fermented plant extract, fermented plant extract composition, method for producing lipopolysaccharide and lipopolysaccharide
US10017728 Methods for making ribosomes
US10017729 Process for culturing lactococcus bacteria
US10017730 Composting accelerators for organic waste or livestock bedding
US10017731 Ammonia oxidizing bacteria for treatment of eczema
US10017732 Cell culture compositions with antioxidants and methods for polypeptide production
US10017733 Production of parthenogenetic stem cells and patient-specific human embryonic stem cells using somatic cell nuclear transfer
US10017734 Method for producing dopaminergic neurons
US10017735 Cell culture of corneal endothelial cells
US10017736 Method of inhibiting tau phosphorylation
US10017737 Methods for reprogramming cells and uses thereof
US10017738 ABCB5 positive mesenchymal stem cells as immunomodulators
US10017739 Methods of expanding and assessing B cells and using expanded B cells to treat disease
US10017740 Deriving brown adipose tissue cells
US10017741 Compositions and methods for obtaining enriched mesenchymal stem cell cultures
US10017742 Process for the preparation of disinfected human cell suspensions
US10017743 MDCK-derived cell strain suspension-cultured in protein-free medium and method for proliferating virus using cell strain
US10017744 Methods for reprogramming somatic cells
US10017745 Hybridoma cell lines (My-C-cC0C2-259-1 A4) and use thereof for producing a monoclonal antibody against human cardiac myosin binding protein C (C-protein, MYBPC3, cMyBP-C or My-C)
US10017746 Methods for purification of recombinant AAV vectors
US10017747 Citrus tristeza virus based vectors for foreign gene/s expression
US10017748 Construction of new variants of dextransucrase DSR-S by genetic engineering
US10017749 Mutant transaminases as well as methods and uses relating thereto
US10017750 Modified polymerases for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues
US10017751 Heat-resistant isoamylase
US10017752 Alpha-amylase variants and polynucleotides encoding same
US10017753 Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
US10017754 Gene encoding cellulase
US10017755 Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
US10017756 Mutant xylanase, manufacturing method and use therefor, and method for manufacturing saccharified lignocellulose
US10017757 Cellular libraries of peptide sequences (CLiPS) and methods of using the same
US10017758 Protein-protein interaction guided mating of yeast
US10017759 Library preparation of tagged nucleic acid
US10017760 Methods for generating barcoded combinatorial libraries
US10017761 Methods for preparing cDNA from low quantities of cells
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